Getting to be a commercial photographer.

Imagine the feeling of seeing your images published in a prestigious magazine? Ever had an idea of what will happen to your profile as a photographer or how your career can change into a dollar making stream.
Tubanje has been in the move to connect the community through the work of our articles, we are now visioned to make the connectivity a trend through publishing of our 1st eMagazine or an online magazine, called the TUBANJEzine which will first go public on from the 18th of August 2020.

We are now glad to include photography since a magazine lacking flashing snaps is really dull.
We have been running a blog with a high readership power, our magazine will follow the trend and look its steps to a regional magazine.

The TUBANJE eZine.

Mission: connect the community through the work of keyboards.
Vision: To see the digital community embed through our digital work.
Now one way of keeping the connectivity going is the online magazine which is set to be first published on 18th August 2020.
Every 18th of every month an edition shall be released, every 12 editions shall be celebrated at our Tubanje Annual Party.
With a set of ready models and able authors, who will be putting articles in place this project is a go as from June 1st 2020.
The ezine is going to major in the niches below unless updated;
• Sport
• Politics
• Talent talk
• Business talk
• Culture
• Traditions
• Marriage
• Recipes
• Religions
• Travel
• Sex life
• Quote discussion
• Entertainment
• Rave/Event talk
• Education
• Science
• Development
• Agriculture
• Advertisements
• Fashion & beauty
• Smart hustle
• School life
• Food
• A documentary story.
The Editorial Calendar Director(ECD) will appoint any Photographer to handle any topic photos required from the niches stated above.
Every topic photos you are going to do research shall be sent to the ECD via email at shall email your content 5-4 days (usually 12th& 13th of every month) before the publishing day is always the deadline past that date your photos won’t be in for scheduling.
Our Benefits:

  1. Instant Credibility
  2. Marketing- we do a public campaign on your behalf
  3. An instant profile page- Tubanje opens a page for you which will carry some details that you will write from the last page of this document.
  4. Travelling- We will offer many travelling opportunities in and out of the county.
  5. Business growth- your growth in business(if you are the one taking photography as a career this the platform to help each other grow)
  6. Your Profile page is going to bind with a portfolio page which as a photographer twice a week you will be sending us pictures you take for us to display them for you as part of marketing your other work.
  7. Annual party celebrations where we celebrate the work of our authors, models, photographers and editors.
    In today’s era, companies look for photographers to improve their brand awareness, we offer a commercial & landscape photography crash course in the run of our contract.
    When you apply with us you agree to the following:
    -To be committed to the task given and finish on time.
    -Being a member of the Tubanje Foundation.
    -The Administrator won’t put your put a showpiece of any nude intended photo. If so it should be encrypted with a password for the specific audience.
    -You shall be ready for work whenever needed especially travelling projects.
    -You will open a Social media handle page for TUBANJEzine either Facebook or Instagram or even both if you can handle them without a problem or find an assistant to manage either handle.
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