Earn it right
Your body is an eye-catching structure, we welcome you to our online magazine the TUBANJEzine which is set to be first published on the 18th of August 2020.

The TUBANJE eZine.

Mission: connect the community through the work of keyboards.
Vision: To see the digital community embed through our digital work.
Now one way of keeping the connectivity going is the online magazine which is set to be first published on 18th August 2020.
Every 18th of every month an edition shall be released, every 12 editions shall be celebrated at our Tubanje Annual Awards Party.
With a set of ready and able photographers & authors this project is a go as from June 1st 2020.
The ezine is going to major in the niches below unless updated;
• Sport
• Politics
• Talent talk
• Business talk
• Culture
• Traditions
• Marriage
• Recipes
• Religions
• Travel
• Sex life
• Quote discussion
• Entertainment
• Rave/Event talk
• Education
• Science
• Development
• Agriculture
• Advertisements
• Fashion & beauty
• Smart hustle
• School life
•A documentary story.
• Food

As a modeling vixen at Tubanje you have an array of opportunities to grow and walk your steps in a big stage way.

Benefits of joining us:

  1. Travelling- If you have a spirit of adventure, here you will be able to navigate in and out of the county for shoots and other business projects.
  2. Marketing- as a company we are responsible for making campaign programs for our vixens.
  3. An instant public profile page- the company will open a profile page for you in the website.
  4. Credibility-
  5. Business growth- you will be given necessary knowledge to grow business wise and become an earning model.
  6. Portfolio representation- this will be part of the profile page where will be displaying your showpiece photos for marketing purposes.
  7. The company is going to be issuing some necessary provisions like massage from our day spa, fitness knowledge, swimming, training for body maintenance and shaping improvement.
  8. Monthly modeling events.
  9. Tubanje Annual Awards Party, where the company awards its models on a big stage, the awards will be issued according to the ratings issued by the public eyes.

By joining us you agree to the following:

• Be a committed Model in all activities.
• Open social media pages with the name TUBANJEzine Models(your name here){(usually INSTAGRAM, PINTEREST&FACEBOOK ) choose 2}
• Be part of the TubanjeFaundation.

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