A moment away from the heat (Digitalcooks)

How about a break from the daily heat in the kitchen and the knocking sounds from our chopping boards and joining the group in theorizing your cooking experience at Tubanje Foundation.

We connect the community through our publishing work, we have a able and well running blog and now we are glad to be releasing our first edition of our online magazine the TUBANJEzine which we publish once a month on every 18th.

The first copy shall be released on 18th August 2020, will availability of models, photographers, authors to mention a few this project is due to happen as from the 1st of June 2020.
It’s time to show the community the art of cooking & mixing ingredients to create a delicious meal.
Joining us is free & a lot of benefits come along.

The TUBANJE eZine.

Mission: connect the community through the work of keyboards.
Vision: To see the digital community embed through our digital work.
Now one way of keeping the connectivity going is the online magazine which is set to be first published on 18th August 2020.
Every 18th of every month an edition shall be released, every 12 editions shall be celebrated at our Tubanje Annual Awards Party.
With a set of ready and able models, authors &photographers this project is a go as from June 1st 2020.
The ezine is going to major in the niches below unless updated;
• Sport
• Politics
• Talent talk
• Business talk
• Culture
• Traditions
• Marriage
• Recipes
• Religions
• Travel
• Sex life
• Quote discussion
• Entertainment
• Rave/Event talk
• Education
• Science
• Development
• Agriculture
• Advertisements
• Fashion & beauty
• Smart hustle
• School life
. Food
• A documentary story.
The Editorial Calendar Director(ECD) will be sending the topic of research to your email. The necessary research, information and images to get.
Every article you are going to do research & create/ give to an author to write the content shall be sent to the ECD via email at tubanjezine@outlook.comThe ECD is the final proofreader before publishing. You shall email your content 5-4 days (usually 12th & 13th of every month) before the publishing day, this is always the deadline past that date your article won’t be in for scheduling.


  1. Meet different chefs from the glob and improve your knowledge in the process.
  2. There is a lot of exploring due to the movement in search of different recipes.
  3. Your recipes and food shall be blogged regularly and added in the TUBANJEzine, to market you.
  4. Public profile chef page- a website personal page will be created for you.
  5. Credibility-
  6. Marketing- The company carry campaigns that support the work of chefs registered under us for free.
  7. Business knowledge- The company shall release a syllabus – Cooking as a career which is meant to improve the business part of cooking.
  8. The company will issue some provincials like TubanjeDigitalcooks uniform, materials and awards which are given on every Annual Tubanje Party according to the public eye voting.

By joining you agree to the following;

• Being a committed chef when needed.
• Have an active email if you don’t have an active one.
• Open social media pages with the name TUBANJE digitalcooks(your name here)

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