Walls turned Sideways are Bridges

Below are terms used in this script

  • Property- Hotel or private house (villas).
  • Property holder- property manager/ Caretaker.
  • Property Owner- rightful/ registered owner to the property.
  • Client- Vacationer to stay in your property.
  • Consultation- a meeting between a potential property holder/ owner and the president of Quality Tour Travels.

Dear Property holder/ owner,

Quality Tour Travels is a traveling agency, a company under Tubanje, we are aiming to bridge our customers to your property during their Vacations and holidays since we facilitate Property bookings HERE. In this case we are looking forward to work with Property owners/managers like you. We come to the table as your marketing department.

Why choose to work with us

  • This networking will largely influence growth in your statistics & page wider paths for opportunities in your field.
  • It will be an opportunity to add on what you have, when skill set is of concern, thus best competition & stay on top of latest trends in your industry.
  • Well no Man is an Island, this will be a great get set for future growth.

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