About QTT

Austin Dimo.

President Quality Tours

Your comfort is our goal, the reason as to why at Quality Tour Travels you are the Holiday.

Just over a year ago we became fascinated by the idea of become the eyes & minds of all Sorts of vacationers. Nuts as it may sound but we desired to be the bridge between the beautiful world of Travel and travellers. While there are many different ways to the same but their is no better way to have it QUALITY.

With the sole purpose of reinventing whats possible in your travel world, we dream it to bring it live and work hard to make it better.

Our Mission

The creation of Quality Tour travels was inspired by the desire for great holidays. Our Mission is to explore dream holidays and vacations in reality.

What we do

  1. Handle property- we come to the table as your market department. We register with you after a consultation meeting where our terms are agreed on. Our job is to bring potential clients to your property. Read more on property registration.
  2. Accommodation and Bookings- Quality lists top hotels and Private homes to for you, with favourable locations to make sure you access points like town centre, hospital, airport and shopping centres. We are fully furnished for you. Click for bookings

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