Hello! joining the PickME services as a PickMer is now easy!  

This service is aimed at;

-Seeing our roads filled with drivers who are registered to reduce the occurrences of .

-Seeing the community being picked and dropped at a safe condition.

-Seeing the number of accidents that happen recklessly reduce.

-Teaching the road signs and rules that are taught in the driving classes, we have developed a platform that is able to teach the community on the use of road signs.

This service should make you as a drriver at security comfort after hiring the vessels to individuals of the community since this time round, the ones hiring these vessels( the community ) will be fully assessed first through the internet and leave behind all necessary details for tracking their movement. With a digital tracking skill we call TubanjeSPY,  Tubanje is able to track any bike movement under our navigating space. Isn’t this the technology anyone wants?

meet the following criteria below:

  • Be atleast 21 years of age.
  • Have a driving experience of 3 years.
  • Be in possession of a a valid Kenya’s Driver’s Licence.
  • Have an approved smartphone or tablet.
  • Have a road-worthy transport vessel.
  • A profile picture.

After having checked the above requirements and you are now a recognized Pickmer, during your time with Tubanje please adhere to these rules which you shall agree on in the Registration form.

  • You are required to be fully equipped with all necessary documents in working hours.
  • Your transportation vessel should have a road license and be in shape.
  • The customer’s comfort is you responsibility for high rates. Make sure your customer rates you at your Business ID webpage.
  • You are supposed to stick to the stations that you gave to the office for you to enjoy our customers innings.
  • Make sure you have a Tubanje Drivers Code.

When your contract as a PickMer has expired, the following is expected from both parties;

  • You shall not carry any customer in the name of a pickMer.
  • The office will freeze your account & the driver’s code will be out of records.
  • Incase of registering again make sure the drivers code you used is unfrozen.


1.Personal information

A.Full Name


H. Current home address

As a driver are you in possession of;

3.Vessel information

NOTE:A Business photo is required to be emailed to us at out email; These picture is expected to be proffesion.

HINT:We can help you come up a with a great snap for your business ID/ your profile. Include you and you vessel type if taxi be in it, if motorbike be on it with necessary clothing, if Tuk tuk be in it. be smart show customers you are worthy be a 5 star driver. Thank us later!

4.Working information

once your business ID/ Profile is created we will get back to you. Expect a notification containing your working code and the proceedings of our contract.

Reach the web designer after 3 weeks to confirm your process


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