Meet the criteria below to qualify for registration.
  • Be at least 21 years of age.
  • Have a driving experience of 3 years.
  • Be in possession of a a valid Driver’s Licence.
  • Have an approved smartphone or tablet.
  • Have a road-worthy transport vessel.
  • Free Criminal record.

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Working terms:
  • You are required to be fully equipped with all necessary documents in working hours.
  • Your transportation vessel should have a road license and be in shape.
  • The customer’s comfort is your responsibility for high rates.
  • Make sure your customer rates you at your Business profile web page.
  • You are supposed to stick to the stations that you gave to the office for you to enjoy our customers innings.
  • Make sure you have a Tubanje Drivers Code.

Our aim:

Seeing our roads filled with drivers who are registered to reduce the occurrences of errors from unqualified drivers.

Seeing the community being picked and dropped at a safe condition.

Seeing the number of accidents that happen recklessly reduce.

Teaching the road signs and rules that are taught in the driving classes, we have developed a platform that is able to teach the community on the use of road signs & rules with our expert Mr Jackson.

Our benefits:

Flexible customer opportunities– we have a wide array of sources that generate a good number customer every dawn.

A better and unique experience of working as a driver– you will be exposed to many branches of works making you enjoy your driving experience as a PickMER including a digital driving experience where you manage your own web profile page.

Gifts and awards- gifts & awards will be offered to any PickMER depending on how there rates are in a period of every 14 day.

FREE kitting– there will be driving kits offered to all PickMERs from the Company helmets for Motorcycle PickMERs, Navy Blue Shirts for Tuk tuk PickMERs & White Polo shirts for Taxi PickMERs.

FREE Driving crash course– a free driving crash course is offered to all PickMERs.

Contact us:

Malindi, Coast 80200

Privacy Policy

Terms of use.

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