Veganism in bodybuilding

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Veganism is a lifestyle.

Veganism unlike before is gradually being accepted by the society. Misconceptions and myths about veganism is slowly fading away. It is no longer ‘a confused ideology’ as termed before, rather now it is a lifestyle.
Vegan Body Building just like hundreds of thousands of other body builders relyinon animal protein, do excel as much as the others.

Why rely on protein

Protein is a very important component of your diet, and should make up to 15-25% of your daily energy intake. Protein is necessary to maintain your cells- it plays a role in structure, functioning and maintaining of all cells and tissues, from your heart to the muscles in your feet. Protein also acts as a transporter and messenger.

Types of vegetarians

  • Semi-vegetarian –some animal product included in diet such as poultry and fish.
  • Lacto-vegetarian –will consume milk products in their diet.
  • Ovo-vegetarian –will consume eggs in their diet.
  • Lacto-0vo vegetarian –will consume milk and eggs in their diet.
  • Strict vegetarian (vegan) –no animal sources consumed, only foods from plant origin.

Vegeterian diet

Without animal protein a diet can be deficient in essential amino acids.

Complete protein (Animal)

Contains all of the amino acids essential in human nutrition in amounts adequate for human consumption.

Incomplete protein (Plants)

Limiting amino acid is the essential amino acid that is in the shortest supply, relative to the amounts needed for protein synthesis.

Complementary protein

Proteins that have different amino acid profiles, but when put together resemble that of a complete protein source.

This is where vegetarians come in. Incomplete sources of proteins have low or do not contain all the essential amino acids. This is more common in plant based food sources of protein, such as Lentils, Legumes and Cereals.
Eating 2 or more of this incomplete proteins forms a complementary protein a protein that then contains all the essential amino acids required by our bodies in sufficient.

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Complimentary Proteins

Complementary proteins becomes an important part of ensuring the daily protein intake are adequate. There is a common myth that you need to combine complementary proteins together at the same meal in order to get the most benefit.

Well, like you just read, it is a myth. Complementary proteins don’t have to be consumed in one meal, but as long as they are consumed over the course of the day our body will selectively be supplied with what it needs.

Below is an image illustrating examples of complimentary proteins you can combine

What you should Do, EAT and Drink to Build Muscles on a VEGAN Diet.

  1. Consume healthy calories
  2. Eat healthy carbohydrates
  3. Make sure you are getting Omega-3
  4. Eat little and often
  5. Keep a food journal
  6. Supplement with a vegan protein powder and bars
  7. Good sleep and recovery

It is possible to get all the nutrients in a plant based diet, however, if you are struggling to maintain a balanced diet you could also consult a Nutritionist/Dietitian or use a meal planner to help you achieve your nutritional goals.

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How I earned $146 in 48 hours from 2 platforms that actually pay you to work.

Let’s call it Searnday! Sharing is Caring.

What an extra cash flow? Have you been looking for a true online paying jobs? Search no more in this 3 minute read article, I am going to share with you 2 platforms I have used and I am using & which pay. I will also show you;

  • How to join.
  • How to do tasks daily.
  • How you will be receiving your earnings.
  • How to refer friends and closed ones and get paid.
  • Also share with you testimonials from other users.

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So, Over the last week I have been studying how the ‘work from home jobs’ Operate and I have found 2 platforms that for sure ain’t just the ‘typical work form home jobs’ What do I mean? That these 2 platforms do pay. There are hundreds of platforms of course but I choose these 2 and I want to invite you too;
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Two websites I have learned to pay


This platform is an absolutely unique affiliate marketing program with zero competitors and analogues with a population of 169,084 users.
It’s budget has paid $455,468 to its users & $35,803 in the last month.
Aim to reach the PRO status ( a level where you have done 50 tasks & referrals are at 30) and earn regularly but at the basic status(the starting level) you get paid at the Ru-T Payment dates usually done automatically on the 28th and 30th of every month.

How to join

  • Start earning immediately.

How to do daily tasks

  • On your account page scroll down towards the bottom to the OFFERS LIST.
  • On the left is the Offer to you and on the right is the revenue you get after doing the offer.
  • The deal is you are going to create new social media profile, this will not affect your current profile, this profile is for posting new advertisement message for the brand that has offered you an offer.
  • You generate new account details.
  • Click Complete on both pages and earnings are deposited in the next 24hour in your account.
  • Minimum amount to withdraw is $120


  • If you are at the required amount to withdraw payment is made automatically to your account.
  • There are several ways to receive payments so choose one you prefer.

How to refer a person

On your account menu click referral the copy the link given, on that page their are several sharing options you can use of paste the link to the relevant audience you would like to refer like I want to refer you so click on the image below.


Is an affiliate program working with financial sites around the world. They provide a high-tech solution for trading platforms around the world. They offer a free registration, a $10 income on registration and a $1 everyday gift.

How to join

How to do daily tasks.

  • Choose any financial platform.
  • The system chooses a trader for you.
  • Choose your interest.
  • The system does the rest of the work.
  • Confirm actions if comfortable or adjust your interest rate.
  • Earnings are deposited in your account.
  • Minimum amount to withdraw is $150.


  • Payment is made on  26th and 30th  of every month.
  • Cash is deposited automatically in the account you issued to receive payments.

How to refer

In your account menu at the Referrals click invite friend the system generates a unique referral link. You can copy the link and use it to invite more people.
Click the image below to get referral link.

I am 48+ hours old in these platforms and I am at $146.

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Tanzania to have 14 Days of National mourning, as President John Magufuli dies at the age of 61

Tubanje- Tanzania’s 5th President John Magufuli, dies at the age of 61 at Mzena hospital in Dar Es Salaam where he has been receiving treatment for heart ailment since Sunday. The heart condition had plaqued Magufuli for a decade.

The late President John Magufuli.

Samia Suluhu Hassan who will be sworn in as the 1st Female President in the history of Tanzania announced his death on the state broadcaster TBC also declared 14 Days of national mourning for the deceased President.

Acting President Samia Suluhu Hassan

Magufuli, was a Prominent leader know for his unshakable stance against corruption, he won the second round of the Presidential race, he is the first President of Tanzania to die while at helm.

Deceased President Magufuli & Vice-president Samia

As news about his death go round the world massages reach Tanzania through Social media having leaders like Boris Johnson, British Prime Minister sending his condolences via twitter.

About Tubanje

People will remember him for his hardwork in the development of Tanzania.

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20 Facts Anyone needs to know

As we grow up we need to live to see reality and accept how reality is, that’s life. Am sharing 20 life facts in this article for Mental Healthcare an awareness.

Related: Doing away financial stress & anxiety.

So did you know?

  • Our fathers determine our heights and mothers determine our weight.
  • There are at least 6 people who resemble us, if lucky we can meet 1.
  • Our brains use the same power equivalent to a 10watt bulb .
  • Food, attractive people & danger are 3 things the human brain cannot resist noticing.

On Tavel: Don’t worry Chinas got you.

Click image below to read more facts

Click to read


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Malindi Blogspot recognises Creatives to look out for in 2021

The eye to Malindi’s art and culture has at again recognised Creatives to have our eyes on, and guess  who is at number 8!

The Malindi Blogspot has been a platform that embraces Lifestyle in form of art and culture, Moureen Salome, Founder and CEO of Malindi Blogspot has written a lot of articles on Creatives from either fields display works of great underdogs from the underground, including;

At the beginning of 2020 Malindi Blogspot had great appreciation to the works of;

And these are the Creatives Malindi Blogspot has confidence in 2021 (click image below to view)


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Dr. Dre Says He’s ‘Doing Great’ After Being Hospitalized for Brain Aneurysm —

Dr. Dre looks forward to be on feet…

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Dr. Dre was reportedly hospitalized this week after suffering a brain aneurysm. Sources tell TMZ the 55-year-old hip-hop mogul was admitted to the ICU at Cedars Sinai Medical Center on Monday. He reportedly remained at the Los Angeles hospital Tuesday night, and is said to be “stable and lucid.” Insiders said doctors are running a […]

Dr. Dre Says He’s ‘Doing Great’ After Being Hospitalized for Brain Aneurysm —

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Do you experience financial stress🤯 & anxiety😓? Subdue the strain with these simple lifehacks

Financial stress is a disaster to almost everyone of us, it’s like a pandemic hitting you. It brings a undesirable mood, which may then lead to making unwanted decisions that we end up regretting later, do you recall the times you thought of selling your 2 year old pair of sneakers? Or clothing? Or the time you thought of selling any electrical gadget you posses? All these are results of the stress and anxiety caused at times of a financial downfall.


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Do away the financial stress & anxiety with these simple and possible lifehacks that work when applied well;

1. Understand what matters

What truly matters? Is it the  things that make us comfortable or is it the things that give us a luxurious look? Or the things that make us have a look of being standard & well established in the community?  Being aware of the important necessities is a good brake off especially when beating financial anxiety is your main concern. Be well pack on the core basic needs, on the day you receive your payment cheque, sort out your feeding (food), don’t allow to starve days after receiving your income. Are you under a comfortable roof (shelter) every dawn? Do you dress presentable (clothing)? These are the key things you should branch you salary to then everything else should follow.

2. Be on a budget

We have to agree that, for us to live in a financial stress free zone, we have to be on budget.
Tracing our monthly expenditure is one way to do this, so don’t throw away those old receipts, let them add the math and the amount we end up sending monthy. Being financial stable for the whole Month means you ‘expenditure should be less than your income of course you cannot spend more than your income. When the date you are receiving your income is closing near you should have a calculation (budget) of all the bills (electricity & water bills, rent) you are supposed to pay and how much to buy essential housing and personal effects and food, this will give you the whole sum of your expenditure. Now keep an eye on what remains after deducting your experiences from your income, this is the amount you can you use for saving or investing (read on the important of investing)
If all this could seem like a hefty task you cannot takecare of, then you might as well want to hire a  personal financial manager see some below

3. Have proper fun

Yeah it is very important to have fun when going through financial stress. The key here is to be you, and try out things that will make you feel in the world as s person and not a person who is going through burden s and misfortunes.
Practice some good meditation and yoga for relaxation and mind calmness.
Check out this simple meditation routine you can do at home for any type of stress.


Put yourself through some exercises like cycling, jogging, gym, boxing, swimming and dancing, dancing is the only exercise that you do smiling and  side of cash stabilityend up laughing. The most important thing is to see yourself out of stress and get happy. Mental health matters most over the things that are putting us through stress.

After a dark night there is a brighter day.

2pac Shakur.

4. Budget your debts
Nothing aches in the head than the fact that you owe a bank/ organisation/ or a person some money. Your mind is always swimming around a circle of thought on how you will reach up to the debtor.
Debts keep moving us to a negative side of cash stability. You get money but you cannot posses it for long all you got to do is give it to the one(s) you owe. Getting out of debt stress can be hectic but a debt funny can help a lot. A debt Funnel is a sheet I prepared that helps you keep account of all your monthly debts and help you clear them orderly.
It projects:

•The present month & year.

•Total number of debts.

•Total amount to pay debtors.

•Debtors C1 where you keep a record of the debtors name, amount you owe them, date the debt was taken.

•Most urgent Debt to pay to less urgent Debt to pay, with the date you should make payment.

•Debtor C2 where you record the new amount remaining after making payment to any debtor.

The Debt funnel is an idea I came up with to help an individual clear with all their debts and on the right time. This funnel let’s you go through a smooth debt payment period each month until you are debt free.

Note: it helps clear debts you already have. The template will be out  for download soon write your name and email or whatsapp phone number to get it once ready.

5. Stop going for every trend

We are in an era full of trends in almost everything in the human ecological niche. Things are moving to another level and as humans in the X & Y generation we love cycling along with the trends so that we may not look like we are left behind or think we might look old fashion. It’s not a bad thing but it is much wiser to know the trend you are taking. Most trends are sent and we may get off a stable Financial stance trying to satisfy every demand. The essence of choosing the right trends is to make sure you cut further expenditure by reducing demands requiring satisfaction.

Good luck on fighting financial crisis, use the above points as weapons against running out of salary. It’s important to put ourselves on a manageable scale in life. Do not stretch more than your arm allows you to, respect that distance it can make. What else do you think can be applied to overcome financial downfall?

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Controlling your Cortisol Levels to Ensure Fat Loss.

What is Cortisol?

Cortisol is a steroid hormone produced by our Adrenal glands, it’s main function is to help our body respond to stress, it has other functions like fighting infections & regulation of blood sugar.

Levels of cortisol may vary but commonly they are found to be high in the morning and low at night.

High cortisol levels are a sign of Cushing syndrome.

Symptoms of Cushing syndrome.

  • Weak muscles.
  • Obesity around inner arms and thighs.
  • Weight gain which may result to a round face.
  • easy bruising of the skin.
  • High blood pressure.
  • High blood sugar.

Low cortisol levels are a sign of Addison disease.

Symptoms of Addison disease.

  • Extreme tiredness (fatigue).
  • Low blood pressure.
  • Vomiting.
  • Joint aches and muscle pain.
  • Weight loss.

Exercising raises your Cortisol levels in short term, but it has a reverse results at night exercise lowers cortisol levels to enable you to sleep better at night….

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Control Your Cortisol Levels to Ensure Fat Loss

Weight Loss – Four Steps To Help Control Your Cortisol Levels to Ensure Fat Loss — fatreducingdrinksfo6

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Training Legs for Growth —

I am on my second week of training after resuming back to the gym from a 8 month injury break. I have been a rugby athlete almost all my teenage years, I will set my feet back into the rugby life likely 2021. These is the big reason I am back to the gym I paused at 92Kgs(184Lbs) and I resumed at 83Kgs(166Lbs). I have already made gains in two weeks training 5 days/wk.

I comment on #diehardfitness Trait legs for growth article, I majored on Squats, lunges & Deadlifts for my legs, these exercises have been a breakthrough for my leg results, I can say so by the results projected in 10 days of training. I am planning to move on with these amazing exercise for 8 weeks with an addition of some upper body exercises for strength.

On my next post on ‘THE LEG DAY’ I will attach a downloadable file with all exercises, number of sets & reps and the right diet for growth subscribe to stay updated.

Ahhhhh, Leg day… The day that every gym-rat dreads. Walking into the gym knowing that you are about to train legs is the worst part of the week for most people. Knowing that you are about to do squats, leg press, or any other movement that requires using your legs for some reason is such […]

Training Legs for Growth —

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Corfe Castle, Dorset — Love Travelling Blog.

Corfe Castle is a small village on the Isle of Purbeck located midway between Wareham to the north and Swanage to the south in the picturesque county of Dorset.  Wandering around the village with its charming buildings constructed from the local Purbeck stone we soon arrived in the village square.  Here we found a cluster […]

Corfe Castle, Dorset — Love Travelling Blog

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Why would a couple fight on baecation.🤷Let’s talk bonding

I’ve never looked up the meaning of this word since I first heard of it. I assumed it was a combination of two words; a sweetheart and vacation. Self explanatory.

Singleville is a path we’ve all taken or rather thought of one too many times. It takes long enough for others, well sometimes others get lucky and leave us drooling over their #couplegoals but all in all don’t be planning to stir up negativity in Panama if you’re among the lucky ones. You’d rather leave it(negativity) at home and not plan at all.

A good number of #couplegoals have been to what millennials call baecation. Numerous times for the lucky ones haha. For those who wish, I got what you need. It’s not a competition, I mean it shouldn’t be. If you feel your friends are way ahead of time and he won’t do it then take the lead though check this out first.

1. You forgot to bring my this or that why? I mean you’ve made a week’s reservation why don’t you both take some time out before the D day and make a checklist.

2. Do I have to be the only one who does or gets things done? Just a reminder that there’s no I in team.

3. I can’t, won’t, don’t have to, are certainly those words that should be left lying at home; in the basement or at the garage.

Bonding time is just never about the 4ft deep end pools or the fact that you get to fill your social with cuisines in different platters. No! There needs to be some deep connection in between that draws you to empathy which restrains you from achieving. You’d want to save the drama for later if you think there might be any.

Take it like a well lit football stadium with rows of chairs under a night sky. It’s cold and empty. That’s how singles feel all the time they decide to take themselves on an ‘I can have fun on my own’ vacation. So it’s essential to be positive and create space to be blown away by the winds of intimacy.

Stay away from can’t and won’t during baecation.

Don’t be left out on matters entertainment, fitness and health. It’s all on Tubanje


Inspiration from everything nature…mingle with it (part 2)

It took long enough but we still made it. I’d taken you through an image on that painter of mine a few days ago and here I am again. Giving up is never an option for these kind of people neither is giving in especially if it’s a Leo. I don’t know how much a painting costs because I’ve never bought one but this particular one didn’t receive payment for hers. Yes it’s a female which makes it so interesting. “You know how you could be strapped with your tools of trade day in day out trying to create the perfect piece because you have no idea when the next time will be? (The place that inspired you) it’s usually a struggle.” That’s her story.

She presented Everest to somebody else. She had to, for free. How special. I felt that would automatically shift their attention to the actual place and so did she. The mountains. The thing is we never forget pieces of art that were once gifted to us. Nobody ever wants to forget that which costs a fortune to someone else. They don’t either. So the one gifted gladly takes it home and makes sure whoever walks in is taken to that mountain because they’ll see it. Mountains may not be on your bucket list let alone climbing them but wandering surely is.

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The outdoor moments have a way of tucking us in, so ensure that your next experience is captivating than the last and stay blessed to see another day.

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The process of building a good reputation at the gym

Having good habits nowadays is really key especially when we want to make it out in the new world of connectivity. It’s all said that charity begins at home, just the same good habits should first be generated from your roots. We all have to accept that our backgrounds affect our present life.

Good habits help us make new friends and make it easy to socialize with a stranger, no wonder there are CV’s that we all want them clean without any clue of negativity in them. The same applies especially to us if you are an athlete you have to blend well with discipline. At the gym there are various good habits that one needs to hold within their own heads, these habits mean a lot and build a good bond between us and other gym athletes.

Building a respectable and good reputation at the gym is easy and it all starts with the little things we do:

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Habits to adapt and build a positive gym reputation

Leave others alone.

Don’t bother other guys trying to show them the correct form of doing a certain exercise or try to tell them how much the same exercise helped you, no one is interested in that. Let them finish whatever they are doing and instead act wise and try find a good approachable way to give’em a proper way maybe through the gym instructor.


Our stories

Be responsible

Leave the area that you have worked out clean, this means you got to remove your plates from the barbell and place them back to the weight rack if it’s dumbbells then place them back in their rack. Use a disinfectant to clean the surfaces you have used to workout.

Be packed

Always have your gym bag packed with the necessities you gonna need, make sure you always have your deodorant spray with you, body odour matters, have a clean towel with you (never use it twice without washing it). Have your water bottle filled with the gym drink you do, mostly water, so make sure you’ve got just an enough quantity avoid bothering others they won’t show but know that you are itching them.

Mind others

Don’t keep people in a queue waiting to use a machine you have been using for over 10 minutes, remember that it is a public gym and every member has the right to access any machine. Do your sets and reps and leave the machine free for another person to use.

Play music to yourself

Playing music in the gym has been a habit for a while and it is really good, it keeps the sets and reps going, but playing loud music in the gym is not healthy for everyone because we all have different tastes of music just play your tunes low. Use earphones or if it’s a wireless Bluetooth speaker then let the volume be low the next guy will be much comfortable.

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There are multiple rules at various gyms but building a good reputation at the gym you need to narrow it all down to ourselves and change the little in us…

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Inspiration from everything nature… mingle with it.

Last Tuesday a friend of mine was going through some throwback photos of her and her siblings in nature trails and game parks for some school trip and it brought by weary smiles because apparently she was forced to take that picture. After school it was only a single photo that came back. So nostalgic. Social media has become THE ‘friendly neighborhood’, it’s not Spider-man anymore☹️. It has taken millennialism to some other level. Our grannys post more than us these days which is a good thing, you get to keep tabs on your loved ones. We don’t need albums anymore… storage should be your only concern.

We’re often inspired buy different things and circumstances. It just doesn’t have to be people.

Got locked down in a different town, many of us did but I had to leave there with a souvenir, just that. You survived it Kitchen gardens had someone to look after them, well finally someone’s home. Flowers kept blooming; showers of rain were reported in different areas, deserts remained hot. It din’t seem like a total loss if nature is anything to go by.

We both know the power a charged phone with storage holds, so take it and get back to those weekends at the marine park moments or at the zoo because they missed you too. Challenging yourself to try out something you never imagined of doing probably because it’s cliché is exactly that, a challenge. So find a way to the florist because you know they exist you’ve seen them on TV but didn’t care where. Buy it/them “but for whom?” just buy it, by the time you get home you’ll have figured it out then watch their smile come out naturally because it’s the tiniest gesture you could think of. Nothing comes with a manual so learn to do it.

A painter comes up with a sophisticated painting of mount Everest from their working room, the mountain exists. They’ve been there or thought of it, maybe dreamt of it like I have once, and my!! was it cold? Constantly remind yourself that beauty needs to be felt. I’m sure you’d love to know what the painter made after selling the painting. It’d be in my next post.

Remember if you seek you’ll surely find.

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Caption and make it a Culture

This will be the 8th article I write and so far so good. Thank you. It’s no different from other writers who started out at one point and my wish is to somehow educate and inspire you in every post you read. Don’t get tired, neither will I. If you can dream it then you could live it. Learn a thing or two.

Giving something a try for the first time creates uncertainty but how does doing it the second, third or/ and countless times make you feel? Going for a run at 6am is new. The roads are empty, it’s chilly, your playlist is whack and you have no company but Monday goes by, Tuesday and before you know it week 3 comes knocking and you’ve made it a habit. Doing it repeatedly becomes a part of you. Back to my point, if going for a ride to the Serengeti every three months or once a year brings you joy then stick to it. Paying grandma a visit upcountry (for some of us) during Christmas brings out the best in you (there’s always plenty of food at grandmas) then why stop, Robin Sharma in the Greatness Guide said it; Culture is King.

There’s always time

Take your time to try and learn new stuff. Do you want to know how old Jill a cousin of mine is yet she has no idea what interests her when she’s asked? Well she’s thirty with no hobby. Thirty years above the ground fellas and you’re completely clueless on what you can do. This probably means you’ve been faking in each and every resumé you’ve rendered if any. Assuming you’re an explorer and that’s what you do, that’s what brings you joy but again before you turned out to be Dora, back in college balling was life. In these cities you take pictures in try and reminisce why you fell in love with (it could be anything) chess for example or why hanging around children was your kind of thing back in the days. It shouldn’t just be one agenda that takes you all the way to Cape Town. Squeeze sometime in your schedule that’ll probably add value. When you do this repeatedly in three different places you visit trust me the next time you’ll be writing a memoir.

You’ve been around the world and love captioning the exciting moments but what else interests you, lemme know. Try and find what you love and let it kill you.   

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These is how your voice will be heard right by whoever you want them to hear.

‘Why don’t you ever take your eyes off the ground?’ That might be a question that might have been directed to us once in our life, by either our peers, foes, even our own folks at times. After realising that the mirror which you stare at is seldom a reflection that you display to people. What lies beneath?

Shyness never comes in a ⛅ sunrise and it is a habit that really disturbs us for a longtime and can stay in some for a lifetime. It really aches that we all wish we were the Erick Omondi or Kansime type and be able to fess all that we hold within us to others.

We need to understand that overcoming shyness/fear doesn’t happen overnight neither, but after a research I came up with some gradual procedures that can help overcome this weakness..

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Habits to overcome shyness

1.Be familiar with the moment.

If you are that individual that can never have their voices heard when the place, room or wherever you are at is surrounded by a crowd of people, then you are fearful and very shy. So at a place like a college class or highschool class, any place where there is a crowd and you are supposed to participate in giving something like a speeche or talk just make your self familiar withe the current situation, be there like you have ever lived such a moment. This is done possible by having imaginary thoughts about such a scenario where you are giving a talk and a multitude is there really concentrating and getting amuzed by the way you give it to them, then relate that moment with the one you are about to create. All the best!

2.See yourself functionable

If you can’t see yourself getting somewhere in the city town and you are shy and scared please don’t use the Google maps, No! Don’t ask strangers you may feel comfortable with not a scary stranger this will help build a conversation with new people because the talk can branch to different topics. You can also try help those whose look suspicious and need help they might be guys with a similar habit like yours remember no one does it alone.

3. Start being the community guy.

Asking yourself who is this community guy, to me I refer to any person who is community friendly as a community guy Now being friendly to the community may help you get over shyness and internal fear.

And how can this come to achievement? Easy! Just start mingling with nature in your environment be sure of ending up with at least 1 new friend before every dawn, there are many ways of mingling with nature; like sitting under a windy shade and feeling the wind pass through you like you ain’t even there. Start knowing people in your community”not everyone” people who are not toxic to you life, then continue by greeting them by their names next time you meet them. This will help you build a positive reputation and conversations will automatically come just let if flow…

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4. Exercise mantra

Mantra is a phrase that helps us keep going. Will Smith & Martin Lawrence used ‘Bad boys forever’ as they’re mantra and it has been so and will be so for them, feel me? At Tubanje ‘You are the hero to our story’ is what keeps us moving, like we believe if it weren’t for you were couldn’t be, get what am saying?

You can build your own mantra and say it every morning or before you do something, like I am not shy, I can do this…I remember in my rugby team we used a mantra that goes “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” it is a verse from the Bible, Philippians 4:13 & it made us win everything.

Just don’t be locked in a bracket you cannot get out, you can do it yourself, let me know if this article is helpful below…

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A Drive, Bus, Train or Plane?

Why would you take the bus yet you could afford first class ticket(s) on a plane. Luxury huh? A majority point out that the bus is slow. I wouldn’t debate and it provides zero comfort but it gets you there. The train? Maybe better services than the ones you’d get in a bus. Experience. Have you once ever asked why don’t those who have cars; footballers, politicians, CEO’s drive them from Nairobi to the Coast? Class, or maybe more money. Well trains are less available. They’re there but how many people admit to having the urge to take the train but maybe just can’t get there or prefer hitting the road rather, so many. It doesn’t have to be that way though. Try turning the paper upside down.

Drive all the way to Tsavo. Tag some friends along who’ll make it memorable for you. You could take turns behind the wheel and see how things turn out. This isn’t a business trip I’m talking about. Do that when it’s Christmas and everybody’s in their best spirit. Make a stop to do whatever. Unlike when you’re always flying during this time, take some notes cause these roads mate have some of life’s laughter tears and pictures all under one album.

The bus, well you don’t have a car of your own but you could also decide to fly if you want to but you wanna set a mood of your own. Slow and steady no rush. Sleep and wake up at a gas station. Sleep and the next thing you wake up to outside your window is a zeal of Zebras. Haha for free!! Put a smile how cool is that. We all deserve free things especially when it’s anything to do with wildlife. Always have something to tell that perfect friend who never was when you traveled.

All these means of travel have WiFi so you know. If you wanna find the experience you’ve never had just google maps for various bus stations or subways or airports. Don’t be afraid of who’s gonna say what, improvise your own happiness.

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Are you lazy and still want to loss weight? Attempt these 3 steps.

Loosing weight is not just a second thing, it got processes. You never gain the weight you bare today in just a couple of weeks, way No! that’s not logical true, you must have had a lot of calorie intake and have bad eating habits, i don’t mean talking while eating, i mean what you have been eating, ofcos their are many bad habits that may led to weight loss, even your lifestyle can just contribute to addition of more pound in the body.

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We say a comfortable lifestyle may lead to weight loss, like the more comfortable you are the less calories you tend to burn. I don’t say that you shouldn’t have a comfortable lifestyle but LIVE IT WELL.

We are exposed to many ways that lead to weight loss but these ways might be tough and some boring to an extend of not attempting them anymore, simply because we feel like we ain’t doing good enough to meet our goal or weight loss maybe wasn’t meant for you. STOP thinking short I did a research and found out these 3 steps that when adapted consistently you are going to enjoy the benefits of doing them.

1. Use small plates

Do you agree that we are what we eat? Funny but true, we all hate rumbling stomachs and starving but sacrificing is worth doing especially when you are looking forward to cut some pounds off your body. Instead of going for a plate with 6″ radius go for the 5″ one. This will help you serve a small quantity of food hence reducing your food intake per meal. Automatically this will turn to a habit and you will get used to taking smaller amount of food per meal, after the 3rd day of doing these your body adapts. The current dinner plates used at our home are 45% larger than they used to be back in the 80’s & 90’s. Make sure if you are invited to a buffet party ask for a smaller plate it is a good habit in weight loss.

2. Start being active.’GET ENGAGED’

Working Out & Weight Loss: 10 Things You Should Know… | Jane ...

Although people appropriately focus on diet when they’re trying to lose weight, being active also is an essential tool an individual trying to lose weight must have  in mind. When you’re active, your body uses energy (calories) to move, helping to burn the calories you take in with food you eat.

Aerobics according to our research is the number one activity that triggers weight loss very fast depending on your hard work.House activities like cleaning the house, mowing and gardening are all forms of physical activity that can lead you to weight loss. Exercise, on the other hand, is a structured and repetitive form of physical activity that you do on a regular basis. Exercise is very important especially when we are talking about weight loss, it’s a thing you should be doing if you are not, done best at professional gyms we can recommend one in Malindi, Blu Marlin.

3. Hydrate yourself more often.

Are you reading it again? Does water really help in weight loss? The short answer is yes water can help you lose weight. Drinking water helps boost your metabolism, cleanse your body of waste, and acts as an appetite suppressant. Also, drinking more water helps your body stop retaining water, leading you to drop those extra pounds of water weight this is impressing isn’t it? What can you do to make sure you’re drinking the recommended eight to ten eight-ounce glasses per day to keep yourself hydrated and encourage weight loss? below are ways to help pass the water challenge;

Water For Weight Loss: How Much Water To Drink Daily To Melt Fat
  • Drink a glass of water before every meal.
  • Drop all the high calorie drinks and replace them with water.
  • Drink ice cold water- it will help boost your metabolism rate because now your body needs to be warm and in the process help you burn some calories.

4. Take your time while eating your meals.

You can decide to use a tea spoon or use the table spoon but eat low quantity of food per spoon, also chew your food slowly. You can use this simply tricky if you are an individual who eats in a rush, once you put food in the mouth place your fork, knife or spoon down and focus on chewing and grinding the food until you swallow.

The above techniques will help trigger success in your weight loss goal. Share more techniques below;

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Apply above and get weight loss fitness tips twice a week direct to your mail box. Lets get fit together| TUBANJE’s GOT YOU!!

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Signs that signal a fake friend(A Faker)

We all recall the life cycle of a butterfly or a grasshopper from our middle school knowledge right? Cause I remember pretty well how it starts and how it ends….

The Life Cycle Of A Butterfly - Lessons - Tes Teach

In this article I will take you through a friendship cycle this is familiar to all of us because we all got friends everywhere. I mean how it all starts the twists and turns, the ups & downs and how these friendships can be unhealthy & come to an endship.

You were strangers then you met, became friends but you wouldn’t wanna turn out to be strangers ever again regardless of whatever outcome.

Friendship is love unseen by many when at its genesis that is the love grows as each day goes by and the friends become part of us,  I mean you will think of them at a point in your day or maybe relate something to them you know? They become family…we call them hommies, bloods

The friendship cycle is quite a thread, a lot happens in between and that’s what is said to matter, ain’t it?

the start & the end never matters its what that’s in between that has it all- Manuel Klerk

You will not always be in good terms with your friend & have it in mind that is the norm friends have to cross lines, we say ‘we will be angry at each other but the bond shall never be broken’ but are we also aware that some bonds leave our hearts broken?

Below are 5 signs that give an indication of a friend who may be toxicating your mental health;


This will happen especially when you share good news of a progress you have made in life like being promoted in work, making it to your college rugby, soccer or football team, attaining a certain grade you haven’t gotten before, as a friend you expect a lot in the way they should react, now that’s what we all expect from our friends but you will know they are frienemies when they make you feel guilty for your good/success.

2. Make you feel like you are out of your bracket(they undercarry you)

When you opt to do something new they are will be against it with a reason that it’s not doable or it is beyond your knowledge/ability. This is simply because they feel like you will leave them on the level they are in once you succeed why? They are lazy and not working as hard as you might be, they are simply in their comfort zone.

The Most high is fair that’s why regardless of our body sizes and different in our environs time is the same, my point is they shouldn’t hinder you from using a second of your time to do great things and make you feel like you can’t do a thing, YOU CAN DO IT, THEY CAN DO IT TOO. We all have 24 hours/day.

I’m not better than anyone. Nobody is better than me

3.The ratio of give to take is imbalanced.

Frienemies well never be thankful for whatever thing you sacrifice and do for them they tend to forget about that and put blame on you for not meeting their expectations, haha I mean what kinda of friend is that? They are the friends who are always not in a balanced state ‘I don’t have type’ even though they do we all know that type of friend, you give them more than they do, they borrow and say ‘I forgot to carry back your (whatever they took from you)’ these ain’t friends I think from the definition of a friend are those who should have each others back that’s from my hood. You are meant for more please walk out of such a “friendship”

4.They talk ill of other people.

The way they tell you how bad, old-fashioned, deep stories about other people who you respect or even have a high level of look-at in the society? Don’t think you are an exception in this bracket, they do just the same about you to other people, so by now if you tell the deep things about yourself to a friend revealing such signs then you equally know that they share them elsewhere. Of cos not a dope thing vanish from such a friend or avoid telling them thing beyond a certain limit.

5.Make you feel like you have no choice.

Friendships become so because of just many things around us, we become friends because of some roots holding us, a friend, a relative or our parents are some causes of many friendships we found ourselves in, some of friendships that have such a foundation make us feel responsible that we are actually with them because of something within us, like you can’t just avoid them because someone else is connected to them bro!/siz! BREAK OUT OF THAT CAGE and STOP LIVING A LIFE OF BONDAGE we are made for more than just what we have…

When you realize such signs from a friend then make a good choice. This happenings affect us I will write how on the next article

That’s what we may come across in many friendships we found ourselves in, that’s part of the friendship cycle remember when I told you I knew how it starts and how it ends?

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