constitution of Tubanje Foundation

Nothing can run smooth without a constitution that governs the steps of matters within it, Tubanje has now released it’s constitution to public, read, digest it and hope you will join the Foundation for the growth of the community.

                                (Constitution of the Tubanje Foundation)

About Tubanje Foundation:

Our Foundation is set to help youth and members of the community connect and grow digitally, by joining this movement, as a member you will have high chances of benefits widely, we teach our members grow by teaching digital skills that create join opportunities and may see our members being recruited in big companies for further learning and growth. Besides that we give jobs at our own digital projects.


Our aim is to improve the digital skills that members of the community have and introduce new one to those who are willing.

Objectives of the Foundation:

• Create trust among our members to aid in employment & recruitment opportunities- this will be achieved by set of lessons and training camps for our members.
• Open bank accounts for our members and for the foundation- this is to see the growth of our members and the foundation move hand in hand to reach our aim.
• Open talent support program- with an array of set programs even the young in the community will have a relief in the burden of growth of their talent to a stream of making a living.
• Raise funds when necessary &receive contributions that specifically finance our work.
• Offer necessary digital skills and training crash courses to uplift member’s knowledge & standards in the digital era.
• Publicize and make necessary marketing campaigns for our members.


-Tubanje Foundation has a membership fee of 250/= and is open to any member of the community and the member should be at least 16 years of age.
-Each and every member is expected to be present during election of members of the Management committee.
-Any member of the management committee team has the right to reject any membership application of an individual who might be seem to violet the rules of the movement which might drive the movement out of its road.
-Registration- for a member to be registered they should send an application to the Foundations secretary at either through the website at or be registered at the office in Kisumu Ndogo, Malindi and pick your registration form.
-Dissolving membership- a membership may be dissolved by the management committee if he/she might have violated any rules of the Foundation. One may be dissolved out of the foundation if a third of the foundation have laid complains that might led to such a decision.
A member can dissolve his/her own membership but it should be with an early notice and in written form to the secretary, where the secretary will send the notice to the management committee who have to approve the request.
(Members rights are to be documented and given/ sent to members)

Management of the Foundation:

• The Tubanje Foundation will be administered by a management committee of not less than 3 people and has unlimited number of members.
• The Management Officers at helm will include; a chair person, treasury and secretary.
• The management committee should meet at least not less than 6 times a year.
Voting is expected to be carried out when all members of the foundation are present. There will be online voting for the members coming from far regions and those who won’t be able to reach the voting location.
Incase of any tie in voting the chairperson is then allowed to have a final public vote.


• Money obtained by the group will and shall be used only for the foundation’s purpose.
• Any bank account opened shall be in the name of the group.
• Any cheque issued shall be signed by at least 2 of the 3 nominated signatures.
• The management committee will ensure that the Foundation stays in budget; this will be reached by assigning an accountant.

Committee meetings:

• The committee members are supposed to meet once in 2 weeks. Notifications will be sent a week earlier before the meeting.
• The quorum for a meeting shall be of at least 8.
• The committee shall be accountable for the members at all times.
• The meeting should be minuted by the relevant individual.
General Public Meetings:
• The foundation will hold at least 2 general public meetings each year.
• The chair of the Foundation is expected to give accountation of the Foundations actions and consider the regeneration and development of the Foundation’s objectives.
• The meeting shall be chaired by the chairperson.
• The public shall be notified 14 days before the meeting.
• The quorum for the meeting should be 50 persons.
• The meeting should be minuted by the relevant individual.
Annual General Meeting:
• Tubanje Foundation shall hold an AGM once a year.
• A 14 day notice shall be issued by the secretary, each member of the Foundation shall be notified individually.
• The business of the Annual General Meeting is;
                       -A report of the last financial year by the chairperson.
                       -A report of the years activities.
                       -Election of new members of the management committee.
                       -Any matter of consideration that goes with the meeting.

 Alteration of the constitution:

Any proposals of amendments of these constitution is to be sent to the secretary of the Foundation. The secretary will discuss with the other officers then call for a forum meeting and discuss such proposals giving at least a 4 week notice.
Dissolution of the Foundation:
If agreed by two thirds of the Foundation member’s present at the Annual General Meeting the Foundation can then be wound up. The property of the Foundation that may have been received due to any purpose of the Foundation shall then be of benefit to a Foundation with similar goals.

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