MoneyTrees Foundation

Objectives of the Foundation:

Create trust among our members to aid in employment & recruitment opportunities-for a skill to be nurtured it has to be trusted. We are not only set to tune in your skill to the Spotlight direction but we are to coach and build trust in the community to work with any Creative.
Open bank accounts for our members of the foundation– this is to bring creatives to be stable financially to support their skills and provide room to produce more. Payments on art sold, donations from well wishers and supporters to go straight to your account.
Open talent support program– with an array of set programs even the young in the community will have a relief in the burden of growth of their skills.
• Raise funds when necessary &receive contributions that specifically finance our work.
• Offer necessary digital skills and training crash courses to uplift member’s knowledge & standards in the digital era.
• Publicize and make necessary marketing campaigns for our members.


Skilled to nurture. Moving your skill to another new stage. Tubanje foundation- is a digital platform that is geared to nurture & grow skills.
At Tubanje foundation we believe that the downfall of most creatives is created when the economy & social systems do not keep pace with our changing world, this heavily impacts the quality of our skills held within the community.
The most effective and endurance way to fix these system is to nurture our own skills from underground.


Founded by Emmanuel Kaingu & his Co-founder Nasib Yusuf early 2020.

The mission was to build a platform in which will be a center of different skills to bring the moral, both mental and physical improvement of skills growing within the youth, from that revolutionary idea, the Tubanje Foundation was born on the year 2020.

Failure to skill Success

The nurturing of skills to success is more urgent than ever with the rise of different barriers that’s why we have a path to meet the set of your ambitions:

  1. At least 10% of creatives to own a manageable website by the end of 2021.
  2. To see 50% reduction of skill failure by 2022.
  3. Our unique b program will be a ground break improving your skill by an average of 85%

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