About us

Built with awesomeness, just like you. Welcome to Tubanje Co. Your number one source of services. Tubanje is dedicated to provide the community with the very best of our physical and digital services, with an emphasis on:

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โ€ข Digital publishing services– bringing the best quality content in all manners for our readers.
โ€ข Tubanje PickME service- a service providing safety and comfortability to road users ( customer, pedestrian & drivers )
โ€ข Tubanje Advertising agency- Assisting businesses grow both locally and internationally.( Coming soon)
โ€ข Tubanje foundation– non profit organization to help nurture skills among the youth.


T is for treat, that we are always going to be.
U is for useful, we are always to others.
B is for bewitch, our charm is undeniable.
A is for achievements, we are meant for achievements the many over a lifetime
N is for nice, need I say more?
J is for jubilant, the upbeat us!
E is for easy going, no ruffles here

Founded in the year 2019, by Emmanuel Kaingu Mnyaka, Tubanje is set to go a long way from itโ€™s scratch beginnings in Ruiru, Nairobi, when Emmanuel Kaingu first started his passion for filling gaps in the community and that have him the motive to start Tubanje.

Our Mission:

Put life on an appreciated digital level.

Our Vision:

To build a better, comfortable, suitable and acceptable life foundation for the future.

Why choose us:

Tubanje is built with a strong, lofty objective, we deliver a 100% quality services.

Accuracy– Due to Goal-attainment thoroughness in quality is geared during production.
Trust– We believe in our skill and integrity, which helps us tackle a risk at ease.
Honesty– We work with clients very transparent and engage them every juncture.
Flexibility– Our skilled and open minded staff who are willing to do all it takes to make sure task is done for great customer satisfaction.
Care– We treat a you not like a client but one of us, thatโ€™s why we feel your needs and care.
Love– Nothing should be of doubt, we love to see a client say thanks in a smile.
Commitment- we focus on the end
Dedication– With the abilities we possess,
We are GOALED- Tubanje’s motivation on giving services is always the passion to follow the main Goal of the service.

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