Veganism in bodybuilding

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Veganism is a lifestyle.

Veganism unlike before is gradually being accepted by the society. Misconceptions and myths about veganism is slowly fading away. It is no longer ‘a confused ideology’ as termed before, rather now it is a lifestyle.
Vegan Body Building just like hundreds of thousands of other body builders relyinon animal protein, do excel as much as the others.

Why rely on protein

Protein is a very important component of your diet, and should make up to 15-25% of your daily energy intake. Protein is necessary to maintain your cells- it plays a role in structure, functioning and maintaining of all cells and tissues, from your heart to the muscles in your feet. Protein also acts as a transporter and messenger.

Types of vegetarians

  • Semi-vegetarian –some animal product included in diet such as poultry and fish.
  • Lacto-vegetarian –will consume milk products in their diet.
  • Ovo-vegetarian –will consume eggs in their diet.
  • Lacto-0vo vegetarian –will consume milk and eggs in their diet.
  • Strict vegetarian (vegan) –no animal sources consumed, only foods from plant origin.

Vegeterian diet

Without animal protein a diet can be deficient in essential amino acids.

Complete protein (Animal)

Contains all of the amino acids essential in human nutrition in amounts adequate for human consumption.

Incomplete protein (Plants)

Limiting amino acid is the essential amino acid that is in the shortest supply, relative to the amounts needed for protein synthesis.

Complementary protein

Proteins that have different amino acid profiles, but when put together resemble that of a complete protein source.

This is where vegetarians come in. Incomplete sources of proteins have low or do not contain all the essential amino acids. This is more common in plant based food sources of protein, such as Lentils, Legumes and Cereals.
Eating 2 or more of this incomplete proteins forms a complementary protein a protein that then contains all the essential amino acids required by our bodies in sufficient.

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Complimentary Proteins

Complementary proteins becomes an important part of ensuring the daily protein intake are adequate. There is a common myth that you need to combine complementary proteins together at the same meal in order to get the most benefit.

Well, like you just read, it is a myth. Complementary proteins don’t have to be consumed in one meal, but as long as they are consumed over the course of the day our body will selectively be supplied with what it needs.

Below is an image illustrating examples of complimentary proteins you can combine

What you should Do, EAT and Drink to Build Muscles on a VEGAN Diet.

  1. Consume healthy calories
  2. Eat healthy carbohydrates
  3. Make sure you are getting Omega-3
  4. Eat little and often
  5. Keep a food journal
  6. Supplement with a vegan protein powder and bars
  7. Good sleep and recovery

It is possible to get all the nutrients in a plant based diet, however, if you are struggling to maintain a balanced diet you could also consult a Nutritionist/Dietitian or use a meal planner to help you achieve your nutritional goals.

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