How I earned $146 in 48 hours from 2 platforms that actually pay you to work.

Let’s call it Searnday! Sharing is Caring.

What an extra cash flow? Have you been looking for a true online paying jobs? Search no more in this 3 minute read article, I am going to share with you 2 platforms I have used and I am using & which pay. I will also show you;

  • How to join.
  • How to do tasks daily.
  • How you will be receiving your earnings.
  • How to refer friends and closed ones and get paid.
  • Also share with you testimonials from other users.

Note: I have a video I will post in my YouTube channel which shows you how to do everything described in this post subscribe in advance. (Click here)
So, Over the last week I have been studying how the ‘work from home jobs’ Operate and I have found 2 platforms that for sure ain’t just the ‘typical work form home jobs’ What do I mean? That these 2 platforms do pay. There are hundreds of platforms of course but I choose these 2 and I want to invite you too;
(if you read this article to the end you’ll see how much I have made over the last few days)

Two websites I have learned to pay


This platform is an absolutely unique affiliate marketing program with zero competitors and analogues with a population of 169,084 users.
It’s budget has paid $455,468 to its users & $35,803 in the last month.
Aim to reach the PRO status ( a level where you have done 50 tasks & referrals are at 30) and earn regularly but at the basic status(the starting level) you get paid at the Ru-T Payment dates usually done automatically on the 28th and 30th of every month.

How to join

  • Start earning immediately.

How to do daily tasks

  • On your account page scroll down towards the bottom to the OFFERS LIST.
  • On the left is the Offer to you and on the right is the revenue you get after doing the offer.
  • The deal is you are going to create new social media profile, this will not affect your current profile, this profile is for posting new advertisement message for the brand that has offered you an offer.
  • You generate new account details.
  • Click Complete on both pages and earnings are deposited in the next 24hour in your account.
  • Minimum amount to withdraw is $120


  • If you are at the required amount to withdraw payment is made automatically to your account.
  • There are several ways to receive payments so choose one you prefer.

How to refer a person

On your account menu click referral the copy the link given, on that page their are several sharing options you can use of paste the link to the relevant audience you would like to refer like I want to refer you so click on the image below.


Is an affiliate program working with financial sites around the world. They provide a high-tech solution for trading platforms around the world. They offer a free registration, a $10 income on registration and a $1 everyday gift.

How to join

How to do daily tasks.

  • Choose any financial platform.
  • The system chooses a trader for you.
  • Choose your interest.
  • The system does the rest of the work.
  • Confirm actions if comfortable or adjust your interest rate.
  • Earnings are deposited in your account.
  • Minimum amount to withdraw is $150.


  • Payment is made on  26th and 30th  of every month.
  • Cash is deposited automatically in the account you issued to receive payments.

How to refer

In your account menu at the Referrals click invite friend the system generates a unique referral link. You can copy the link and use it to invite more people.
Click the image below to get referral link.

I am 48+ hours old in these platforms and I am at $146.

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