Tired Feet in Education

Any category of art is a source where a certain
aspect of story gets delivered through the art. Dr. Joanne Ball-Burgers of Cottage school Kenya express Her’s at the Tired Feet she says “My overall goal is to use the arts to educate, to support and to heal. I released Tired Feet, with this in mind…”
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Cottage School Kenya

During covid-19 parents and teachers alike have worried and worked towards varied solutions for education. In such an unprecedented time in the world teachers and homeschool parents, who were never trained in the art of teaching during a pandemic are some of the unspoken heroes and heroines of the day. One if the items less spoken about is the emotional well-being of students, parents and teachers during this unprecedented time.

The emotional state of the home is directly linked to how well children are able to focus, learn and take in new content. In homes where parents are stressed about finances, empathetic children will feel uneasy, whether spoken or unspoken. In homes where substance abuse is happening, children may also experience a feeling of loss or deep sadness. This is coupled with the fact that nobody really knows when the world will get back to normal as we know itโ€ฆ

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