Can I take care of myself out of My Parents roof?

Probably time is up and you are almost ready to leave your parents home, but you want get on the right track and have a clear view of the map on what you are going to face on road once you are alone in your own shelter. Time might be up but you might not be ready, that’s why in this article I will share with you 3 basic tips you should be keen at before departing to stand on your own elsewhere.

Long before you leave your parent’s home the desire of independency will have grown and you shall feel it. For whatever reason you might have it is not wrong to leave home, at 1st place it was God’s plan that we might grow and one day leave our parent’s house to our own. I started living alone since I was 21 years right after school and before that I had the following basics at consideration;


Is Success your Motive?

What is your motive? Once you know what is going to drive you out of home, it better be a good motive, there is never a bad one after all they are the things that keep us going. What are various reasons that can make us leave our parent’s house?

  • Gain freedom.
  • Escape from problems at home.
  • Up our social status with associates.
  • Gain experience.
  • Ease financial burden at home.
  • Volunteer work in another area.
  • Help a needy roommate.

Yeah, there are a lot more reasons that make us go on our own but above are some that are very common. There is no bad reason to leave home, but there are poor reasons to do so, like if you are leaving your home to stay away from restrictions, then out there you are in for a shock, of which that’s a poor reason. At all points of life we need to live under restriction of some kind.


If you want to leave your parent’s home make sure that the motive to do so is from you, don’t let people decisions make you end up in mess plus make sure your motive is valid.


You will need to be the head of you; staying alone requires super survival skills, if you have been to a boarding school or college before you must be getting the picture already. What am I talking about guys?

a)Money management skill;

You just don’t want to run broke and alone man, it sucks; I know, talking from experience. At this juncture you want to read about ‘Doing away with financial Stress and Anxiety’ (3 min read).  Remember to come back to this post.

b) Domestic skills;

How do know you care about yourself? Leaving on your own needs you to be a domestic being kinda person, handle stuff on your own planning and work as planned, then you can take care of yourself.

 If you can be at the places you need to be with no one dropping or picking you, you can buy groceries and cook your own food, you can do the dishes and scrub the floor without being pushed, do your laundry and ironing, at this point the scale of 10 you are at 7 excluding house rent or mortgage.

All this won’t be a stress if you can manage a cleaner, a taxi or pay the bus to mention a few just be assured that you got proper basic domestic skills before you can stay on your own.

C) Social skills;

Are you able to socialize and associate well with the outside? I can tell you that the answer for this depends with how you relate with your family and siblings at home, 80% of the people won’t change their behavior.

Social skill are needed by anyone moving out of their parent’s home, but mostly, the one who going to move in with a colleague, college mate, best friend or whoever they are to move in with.

The experience was not pleasing at all beside the fact that we have been friends since our childhood, went to middle and high school together we had decided to move in as roommates in college, we barely made it 5 weeks” MaryAnn a Nairobi University College speaking during an interview while in holiday at Malindi.

You won’t be able to stay with another person if you lack social skills and just because you are friends it does not mean your habits rhyme, a big percentage of people staying together carry habits that go together.

Here there is the need to learn and understand different people with different habits and accept them not judge them.

My Destination

What is your destination after leaving home? Where are you headed? This a factor to have in mind before you decide you are leaving, you should know where you are going. Let not issues at home be the reason that you’re leaving, rather let where you are headed be the reason for your departure.  You don’t want to find yourself in a situation where you are looking so much into what you are getting away from rather than putting you energy where you are headed.


Focus on the worthwhile goal before you leave your parent’s house.

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If this is the year you had planned to stay alone then the above 3 basic skills can help you be on the white. What other skills are you using to be on the right lane on your own? Let’s discuss them on the comment section below.


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