Training Legs for Growth —

I am on my second week of training after resuming back to the gym from a 8 month injury break. I have been a rugby athlete almost all my teenage years, I will set my feet back into the rugby life likely 2021. These is the big reason I am back to the gym I paused at 92Kgs(184Lbs) and I resumed at 83Kgs(166Lbs). I have already made gains in two weeks training 5 days/wk.

I comment on #diehardfitness Trait legs for growth article, I majored on Squats, lunges & Deadlifts for my legs, these exercises have been a breakthrough for my leg results, I can say so by the results projected in 10 days of training. I am planning to move on with these amazing exercise for 8 weeks with an addition of some upper body exercises for strength.

On my next post on ‘THE LEG DAY’ I will attach a downloadable file with all exercises, number of sets & reps and the right diet for growth subscribe to stay updated.

Ahhhhh, Leg day… The day that every gym-rat dreads. Walking into the gym knowing that you are about to train legs is the worst part of the week for most people. Knowing that you are about to do squats, leg press, or any other movement that requires using your legs for some reason is such […]

Training Legs for Growth —

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