Why would a couple fight on baecation.🤷Let’s talk bonding

I’ve never looked up the meaning of this word since I first heard of it. I assumed it was a combination of two words; a sweetheart and vacation. Self explanatory.

Singleville is a path we’ve all taken or rather thought of one too many times. It takes long enough for others, well sometimes others get lucky and leave us drooling over their #couplegoals but all in all don’t be planning to stir up negativity in Panama if you’re among the lucky ones. You’d rather leave it(negativity) at home and not plan at all.

A good number of #couplegoals have been to what millennials call baecation. Numerous times for the lucky ones haha. For those who wish, I got what you need. It’s not a competition, I mean it shouldn’t be. If you feel your friends are way ahead of time and he won’t do it then take the lead though check this out first.

1. You forgot to bring my this or that why? I mean you’ve made a week’s reservation why don’t you both take some time out before the D day and make a checklist.

2. Do I have to be the only one who does or gets things done? Just a reminder that there’s no I in team.

3. I can’t, won’t, don’t have to, are certainly those words that should be left lying at home; in the basement or at the garage.

Bonding time is just never about the 4ft deep end pools or the fact that you get to fill your social with cuisines in different platters. No! There needs to be some deep connection in between that draws you to empathy which restrains you from achieving. You’d want to save the drama for later if you think there might be any.

Take it like a well lit football stadium with rows of chairs under a night sky. It’s cold and empty. That’s how singles feel all the time they decide to take themselves on an ‘I can have fun on my own’ vacation. So it’s essential to be positive and create space to be blown away by the winds of intimacy.

Stay away from can’t and won’t during baecation.

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