Inspiration from everything nature…mingle with it (part 2)

It took long enough but we still made it. I’d taken you through an image on that painter of mine a few days ago and here I am again. Giving up is never an option for these kind of people neither is giving in especially if it’s a Leo. I don’t know how much a painting costs because I’ve never bought one but this particular one didn’t receive payment for hers. Yes it’s a female which makes it so interesting. “You know how you could be strapped with your tools of trade day in day out trying to create the perfect piece because you have no idea when the next time will be? (The place that inspired you) it’s usually a struggle.” That’s her story.

She presented Everest to somebody else. She had to, for free. How special. I felt that would automatically shift their attention to the actual place and so did she. The mountains. The thing is we never forget pieces of art that were once gifted to us. Nobody ever wants to forget that which costs a fortune to someone else. They don’t either. So the one gifted gladly takes it home and makes sure whoever walks in is taken to that mountain because they’ll see it. Mountains may not be on your bucket list let alone climbing them but wandering surely is.

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The outdoor moments have a way of tucking us in, so ensure that your next experience is captivating than the last and stay blessed to see another day.

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