The process of building a good reputation at the gym

Having good habits nowadays is really key especially when we want to make it out in the new world of connectivity. It’s all said that charity begins at home, just the same good habits should first be generated from your roots. We all have to accept that our backgrounds affect our present life.

Good habits help us make new friends and make it easy to socialize with a stranger, no wonder there are CV’s that we all want them clean without any clue of negativity in them. The same applies especially to us if you are an athlete you have to blend well with discipline. At the gym there are various good habits that one needs to hold within their own heads, these habits mean a lot and build a good bond between us and other gym athletes.

Building a respectable and good reputation at the gym is easy and it all starts with the little things we do:

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Habits to adapt and build a positive gym reputation

Leave others alone.

Don’t bother other guys trying to show them the correct form of doing a certain exercise or try to tell them how much the same exercise helped you, no one is interested in that. Let them finish whatever they are doing and instead act wise and try find a good approachable way to give’em a proper way maybe through the gym instructor.


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Be responsible

Leave the area that you have worked out clean, this means you got to remove your plates from the barbell and place them back to the weight rack if it’s dumbbells then place them back in their rack. Use a disinfectant to clean the surfaces you have used to workout.

Be packed

Always have your gym bag packed with the necessities you gonna need, make sure you always have your deodorant spray with you, body odour matters, have a clean towel with you (never use it twice without washing it). Have your water bottle filled with the gym drink you do, mostly water, so make sure you’ve got just an enough quantity avoid bothering others they won’t show but know that you are itching them.

Mind others

Don’t keep people in a queue waiting to use a machine you have been using for over 10 minutes, remember that it is a public gym and every member has the right to access any machine. Do your sets and reps and leave the machine free for another person to use.

Play music to yourself

Playing music in the gym has been a habit for a while and it is really good, it keeps the sets and reps going, but playing loud music in the gym is not healthy for everyone because we all have different tastes of music just play your tunes low. Use earphones or if it’s a wireless Bluetooth speaker then let the volume be low the next guy will be much comfortable.

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There are multiple rules at various gyms but building a good reputation at the gym you need to narrow it all down to ourselves and change the little in us…

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