Inspiration from everything nature… mingle with it.

Last Tuesday a friend of mine was going through some throwback photos of her and her siblings in nature trails and game parks for some school trip and it brought by weary smiles because apparently she was forced to take that picture. After school it was only a single photo that came back. So nostalgic. Social media has become THE ‘friendly neighborhood’, it’s not Spider-man anymoreโ˜น๏ธ. It has taken millennialism to some other level. Our grannys post more than us these days which is a good thing, you get to keep tabs on your loved ones. We don’t need albums anymore… storage should be your only concern.

We’re often inspired buy different things and circumstances. It just doesn’t have to be people.

Got locked down in a different town, many of us did but I had to leave there with a souvenir, just that. You survived it Kitchen gardens had someone to look after them, well finally someone’s home. Flowers kept blooming; showers of rain were reported in different areas, deserts remained hot. It din’t seem like a total loss if nature is anything to go by.

We both know the power a charged phone with storage holds, so take it and get back to those weekends at the marine park moments or at the zoo because they missed you too. Challenging yourself to try out something you never imagined of doing probably because it’s clichรฉ is exactly that, a challenge. So find a way to the florist because you know they exist you’ve seen them on TV but didn’t care where. Buy it/them “but for whom?” just buy it, by the time you get home you’ll have figured it out then watch their smile come out naturally because it’s the tiniest gesture you could think of. Nothing comes with a manual so learn to do it.

A painter comes up with a sophisticated painting of mount Everest from their working room, the mountain exists. They’ve been there or thought of it, maybe dreamt of it like I have once, and my!! was it cold? Constantly remind yourself that beauty needs to be felt. I’m sure you’d love to know what the painter made after selling the painting. It’d be in my next post.

Remember if you seek you’ll surely find.

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