These is how your voice will be heard right by whoever you want them to hear.

‘Why don’t you ever take your eyes off the ground?’ That might be a question that might have been directed to us once in our life, by either our peers, foes, even our own folks at times. After realising that the mirror which you stare at is seldom a reflection that you display to people. What lies beneath?

Shyness never comes in a ⛅ sunrise and it is a habit that really disturbs us for a longtime and can stay in some for a lifetime. It really aches that we all wish we were the Erick Omondi or Kansime type and be able to fess all that we hold within us to others.

We need to understand that overcoming shyness/fear doesn’t happen overnight neither, but after a research I came up with some gradual procedures that can help overcome this weakness..

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Habits to overcome shyness

1.Be familiar with the moment.

If you are that individual that can never have their voices heard when the place, room or wherever you are at is surrounded by a crowd of people, then you are fearful and very shy. So at a place like a college class or highschool class, any place where there is a crowd and you are supposed to participate in giving something like a speeche or talk just make your self familiar withe the current situation, be there like you have ever lived such a moment. This is done possible by having imaginary thoughts about such a scenario where you are giving a talk and a multitude is there really concentrating and getting amuzed by the way you give it to them, then relate that moment with the one you are about to create. All the best!

2.See yourself functionable

If you can’t see yourself getting somewhere in the city town and you are shy and scared please don’t use the Google maps, No! Don’t ask strangers you may feel comfortable with not a scary stranger this will help build a conversation with new people because the talk can branch to different topics. You can also try help those whose look suspicious and need help they might be guys with a similar habit like yours remember no one does it alone.

3. Start being the community guy.

Asking yourself who is this community guy, to me I refer to any person who is community friendly as a community guy Now being friendly to the community may help you get over shyness and internal fear.

And how can this come to achievement? Easy! Just start mingling with nature in your environment be sure of ending up with at least 1 new friend before every dawn, there are many ways of mingling with nature; like sitting under a windy shade and feeling the wind pass through you like you ain’t even there. Start knowing people in your community”not everyone” people who are not toxic to you life, then continue by greeting them by their names next time you meet them. This will help you build a positive reputation and conversations will automatically come just let if flow…

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4. Exercise mantra

Mantra is a phrase that helps us keep going. Will Smith & Martin Lawrence used ‘Bad boys forever’ as they’re mantra and it has been so and will be so for them, feel me? At Tubanje ‘You are the hero to our story’ is what keeps us moving, like we believe if it weren’t for you were couldn’t be, get what am saying?

You can build your own mantra and say it every morning or before you do something, like I am not shy, I can do this…I remember in my rugby team we used a mantra that goes “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” it is a verse from the Bible, Philippians 4:13 & it made us win everything.

Just don’t be locked in a bracket you cannot get out, you can do it yourself, let me know if this article is helpful below…

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