Are you lazy and still want to loss weight? Attempt these 3 steps.

Loosing weight is not just a second thing, it got processes. You never gain the weight you bare today in just a couple of weeks, way No! that’s not logical true, you must have had a lot of calorie intake and have bad eating habits, i don’t mean talking while eating, i mean what you have been eating, ofcos their are many bad habits that may led to weight loss, even your lifestyle can just contribute to addition of more pound in the body.

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We say a comfortable lifestyle may lead to weight loss, like the more comfortable you are the less calories you tend to burn. I don’t say that you shouldn’t have a comfortable lifestyle but LIVE IT WELL.

We are exposed to many ways that lead to weight loss but these ways might be tough and some boring to an extend of not attempting them anymore, simply because we feel like we ain’t doing good enough to meet our goal or weight loss maybe wasn’t meant for you. STOP thinking short I did a research and found out these 3 steps that when adapted consistently you are going to enjoy the benefits of doing them.

1. Use small plates

Do you agree that we are what we eat? Funny but true, we all hate rumbling stomachs and starving but sacrificing is worth doing especially when you are looking forward to cut some pounds off your body. Instead of going for a plate with 6″ radius go for the 5″ one. This will help you serve a small quantity of food hence reducing your food intake per meal. Automatically this will turn to a habit and you will get used to taking smaller amount of food per meal, after the 3rd day of doing these your body adapts. The current dinner plates used at our home are 45% larger than they used to be back in the 80’s & 90’s. Make sure if you are invited to a buffet party ask for a smaller plate it is a good habit in weight loss.

2. Start being active.’GET ENGAGED’

Working Out & Weight Loss: 10 Things You Should Know… | Jane ...

Although people appropriately focus on diet when they’re trying to lose weight, being active also is an essential tool an individual trying to lose weight must have  in mind. When you’re active, your body uses energy (calories) to move, helping to burn the calories you take in with food you eat.

Aerobics according to our research is the number one activity that triggers weight loss very fast depending on your hard work.House activities like cleaning the house, mowing and gardening are all forms of physical activity that can lead you to weight loss. Exercise, on the other hand, is a structured and repetitive form of physical activity that you do on a regular basis. Exercise is very important especially when we are talking about weight loss, it’s a thing you should be doing if you are not, done best at professional gyms we can recommend one in Malindi, Blu Marlin.

3. Hydrate yourself more often.

Are you reading it again? Does water really help in weight loss? The short answer is yes water can help you lose weight. Drinking water helps boost your metabolism, cleanse your body of waste, and acts as an appetite suppressant. Also, drinking more water helps your body stop retaining water, leading you to drop those extra pounds of water weight this is impressing isn’t it? What can you do to make sure you’re drinking the recommended eight to ten eight-ounce glasses per day to keep yourself hydrated and encourage weight loss? below are ways to help pass the water challenge;

Water For Weight Loss: How Much Water To Drink Daily To Melt Fat
  • Drink a glass of water before every meal.
  • Drop all the high calorie drinks and replace them with water.
  • Drink ice cold water- it will help boost your metabolism rate because now your body needs to be warm and in the process help you burn some calories.

4. Take your time while eating your meals.

You can decide to use a tea spoon or use the table spoon but eat low quantity of food per spoon, also chew your food slowly. You can use this simply tricky if you are an individual who eats in a rush, once you put food in the mouth place your fork, knife or spoon down and focus on chewing and grinding the food until you swallow.

The above techniques will help trigger success in your weight loss goal. Share more techniques below;

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