Signs that signal a fake friend(A Faker)

We all recall the life cycle of a butterfly or a grasshopper from our middle school knowledge right? Cause I remember pretty well how it starts and how it ends….

The Life Cycle Of A Butterfly - Lessons - Tes Teach

In this article I will take you through a friendship cycle this is familiar to all of us because we all got friends everywhere. I mean how it all starts the twists and turns, the ups & downs and how these friendships can be unhealthy & come to an endship.

You were strangers then you met, became friends but you wouldn’t wanna turn out to be strangers ever again regardless of whatever outcome.

Friendship is love unseen by many when at its genesis that is the love grows as each day goes by and the friends become part of us,  I mean you will think of them at a point in your day or maybe relate something to them you know? They become family…we call them hommies, bloods

The friendship cycle is quite a thread, a lot happens in between and that’s what is said to matter, ain’t it?

the start & the end never matters its what that’s in between that has it all- Manuel Klerk

You will not always be in good terms with your friend & have it in mind that is the norm friends have to cross lines, we say ‘we will be angry at each other but the bond shall never be broken’ but are we also aware that some bonds leave our hearts broken?

Below are 5 signs that give an indication of a friend who may be toxicating your mental health;


This will happen especially when you share good news of a progress you have made in life like being promoted in work, making it to your college rugby, soccer or football team, attaining a certain grade you haven’t gotten before, as a friend you expect a lot in the way they should react, now that’s what we all expect from our friends but you will know they are frienemies when they make you feel guilty for your good/success.

2. Make you feel like you are out of your bracket(they undercarry you)

When you opt to do something new they are will be against it with a reason that it’s not doable or it is beyond your knowledge/ability. This is simply because they feel like you will leave them on the level they are in once you succeed why? They are lazy and not working as hard as you might be, they are simply in their comfort zone.

The Most high is fair that’s why regardless of our body sizes and different in our environs time is the same, my point is they shouldn’t hinder you from using a second of your time to do great things and make you feel like you can’t do a thing, YOU CAN DO IT, THEY CAN DO IT TOO. We all have 24 hours/day.

I’m not better than anyone. Nobody is better than me

3.The ratio of give to take is imbalanced.

Frienemies well never be thankful for whatever thing you sacrifice and do for them they tend to forget about that and put blame on you for not meeting their expectations, haha I mean what kinda of friend is that? They are the friends who are always not in a balanced state ‘I don’t have type’ even though they do we all know that type of friend, you give them more than they do, they borrow and say ‘I forgot to carry back your (whatever they took from you)’ these ain’t friends I think from the definition of a friend are those who should have each others back that’s from my hood. You are meant for more please walk out of such a “friendship”

4.They talk ill of other people.

The way they tell you how bad, old-fashioned, deep stories about other people who you respect or even have a high level of look-at in the society? Don’t think you are an exception in this bracket, they do just the same about you to other people, so by now if you tell the deep things about yourself to a friend revealing such signs then you equally know that they share them elsewhere. Of cos not a dope thing vanish from such a friend or avoid telling them thing beyond a certain limit.

5.Make you feel like you have no choice.

Friendships become so because of just many things around us, we become friends because of some roots holding us, a friend, a relative or our parents are some causes of many friendships we found ourselves in, some of friendships that have such a foundation make us feel responsible that we are actually with them because of something within us, like you can’t just avoid them because someone else is connected to them bro!/siz! BREAK OUT OF THAT CAGE and STOP LIVING A LIFE OF BONDAGE we are made for more than just what we have…

When you realize such signs from a friend then make a good choice. This happenings affect us I will write how on the next article

That’s what we may come across in many friendships we found ourselves in, that’s part of the friendship cycle remember when I told you I knew how it starts and how it ends?

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