Vacation Gone Wrong, What Next?

Beginning can be an exciting and at the same time an overwhelming journey. Journey indeed when you have to travel miles and miles hoping to rekindle a flame that was once put out. You’ll have to do it all over again. You feel caged when you had taken the last flight to Budapest, a place unknown to you to seek adventure for the first time only to end up cursing. A vacation should give you the experience of your life. It should be that time of the year that puts a smile on your face without a doubt, but what if you’re story changes and everything around you seems deceiving? Read below.

  • Try and make new friends around, look for contacts; you never know what the future might hold.
  • Practice the art of giving. Do it with love it’s gonna add value to the people you do it for.
  • Read read and read. I still insist READ!
  • Create new memories that won’t fade away easily.
  • Be grateful for each and every day you spend above the ground.

Some of us took the bus, said goodbye at airports, waited at the subways for whatever reasons to vacation and later found ourselves locked down having no idea which direction to point to. Truth is you can start that single step from there. Maya Angelou couldn’t have put it better “take life as art”. Make something out of nothing. You’ll have a story. 

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Existence will only be what you want it to be

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