Who doesn’t want to travel abroad? We all do, it’s our greatest dream. Maybe study, vacation, shopping, seminars etc the reasons are endless. Imagine flying to Budapest for the first time; I know right, you’d wanna take a few vital things into consideration though before you take that drive to the airport.


What am I talking about here: passports visas etc

Passport– the passport is the first and most important document that shouldn’t be left out. Acquire one months before you plan on traveling. If you have one already take good care of it. (Keep it away from children:))

Visa– This is what gives you authority to enter another country. Check for the expiration from time to time to avoid inconveniences on your day of travel.

Medical status– Is another key document (it can be written down by a doctor from any recognized facility). Your basis of travel may be work related, you don’t want people thinking you’re full of covid-19 now would you?


What are the offences attached to overstay? What if you get arrested for travel violation? The law applies this is where the judiciary comes in.

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You wouldn’t wanna land in Gweru Central Zimbabwe clueless of where to lay your head. Google maps on ins that best fit your pocket.

Purpose of travel

Whether business, holiday getaway. What’s taking you to Budapest, have it planned.

Seek advice/ narrations/ interaction on individual experience

Larry’s experience in Kinshasa won’t be the same as yours but he’s been there before right? Note one or two things, go prepared.

With this hope you won’t lose your way to the embassy:).

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