Black lives matter.

Empathy is all they want us to beg from them. Our faces looking like scoundrels its what that puts smiles on their faces. Blacks living in paranoia, wetting their wits and being weary its their comfort. Don’t we deserve to have it all. Don’t we deserve to have a small piece of it. What goodness does it serve if at the end of the day we are always the second priorities in almost everything.

A wise man once said America will be ruled by a black. This brought about series of humiliations and criticism. But as always fate is the master mind of the universe and his words came to pass. Blacks had a new hope. Their senses of insecurities subsided for their was a new dawn. As the word goes, whatever has a beginning definitely has an ending.

Barack’s two year term came to a hault. Series of racism cases started to become popular as before. Jobs becoming hard to find for the blacks. Cafeterias and parks were the haunted hot spots for the blacks since they would always get the whites staring at them with eyes of disfulfillment and annoyance.Blacks facing brutality by the police just as in George Floyd’s case. The new dawn that had risen now it has returned to the same nightmare they were used of.

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Black lives are more than a treasure. They really do matter. Are we really ready to take the shoulder of another brother and understand the pain they are passing through? Are we the knights of our own race or we are just subjects meant to be ordered around? Are we what we claim to be or it will be just demos and at the end forget about everything?

Whatever we have started should never end until the whole globe sees a meaning in black lives. We can never be puppets who are there to be used and dismissed. Floyd will forever be mourned and he shall stay in our hearts. He is a symbol of love and a gentle giant who wished blacks had a taste of freedom. We are the ones to advocate for our own wellbeing and the time  for torture and disgrace has to come to an end. Black lives matter.

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