Do’s and Don’ts of vacationing

Do you want to explore? yes. Are you willing to take precautions? yes. Is it safe for you right now? no. We can work on what to do together and also work on what not to do.

Your financial status should have crossed your mind but that’s not it, check them prices be it on your transportation or accommodation. Book earlier if you need to. However take note on whatever it is you wanna spend on. Don’t go for bouquets that are above your pay grade, don’t be sending money to hotels before the arrival date. If you’re just starting out send in your reservation but not your money unless you’re familiar with the services.

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You’ve obviously done research on your destination and chances are you are more knowledgeable about the place(your crew let you do all the work) more than anybody else around you. Dig deeper, are there fire extinguishers, ha! bet you didn’t think about flames for a second there. These are little things to check on, please do; first aid kits maybe painkillers in case of emergencies. What you shouldn’t do on the other hand is gamble with your health. “Nah I don’t think I’ll catch a cold, it’s summer” or thinking something like “I think medics are everywhere these days”. You’d be surprised.


Having different outfits parked for a certain destination might be hell of a task but do it anyway cultures may vary. Parked that swimsuit because you’re going to the Bahamas, throw in a cardigan or a kimono nonetheless. Terrorize that bag with different attires coz you might get a call from Budapest ‘someone’ wants you for a job(you’d rendered your application months ago). You won’t be showing up in your bikinis now would ya? I didn’t say carry close to four bags for just a weeks’ getaway no! don’t do that. Take only what you need.

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When there’s no need to self isolate anymore make sure your spirit doesn’t miss out on what adventure has to offer.

Safe travels!

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