Are you normal? or you could be mental-ill, unknowingly?

‘No one is like me, I am in a world bracket of my own, mmmmh! they don’t even know how bright the inside of me is, I WILL MAKE MY OWN DECISION(even though we will rush for advice from friends or whoever)…. a lot of these tend to happen in our heads, I call it a debate with the inner you, so who is always right? You or the inner you? Or have you never heard of the inner you that sometimes makes the outer you?

It is said to exist…Yes! the inner you exists I have heard of him, well that’s because I am a male. For me he guides me when I listen to him i.e go by the thought he gives me. These happens too everyone of us knowingly or the contrary, the questioon is DOES THIS MAKE YOU GROW MENTAL ILL OR YOU THINK YOU ARE JUST DOING FINE?

Well all this is told by the desicions we end up making….


In this article I have noted down 2 behaviors that some of us poses and think we are doing really fine but you “might not” be doing well.

I have a cricket in the palm of my hand, I am standing facing you in directly & i take my hand to the back of my body & look you in the eye, then ask, is the  cricket alive OR dead?

ammmmmhhH! Okay I know it’s a hard nut to crack out, you see if you were wise, right now, this could be your answer: IT IS YOU TO DECIDE, IF IT’S DEAD OR ALIVE.

This conversation will continue….


1. Being shy

We might have met people who are shy, come across them, or maybe we are shy ourselves. We might take it as a stage we are in  because study shows that when you are shy at a young tender age unless you change the shy attitude, you might end up being shy all the way to your adulthood.

How shyness might affect your mental being;

We are in a world where things are getting ‘open and okay‘ there is a twist of attitude towards the state of things. 

  • Around friends– Not all your friends are like you,  I mean most of us party & get wild at some point, you might get welcomed to a friends party or your friend friend’s birthday, be assured of being locked in your own head all time until the party starts. This is because you are going through mental judgmental discomfort causing fear. This can be quite debilitating causing social anxiety disorder, this is suffering more than just shyness “social phobia” You might end up not showing up for the party, letting down you friends & being referred to us a party freak. ouch! no one wants to be called that. 
  • Health life– Your health life will be at risk of negative change due to shyness, imagine not being able to purchase a good protein at the market with the fear of being in public. Now that’s just too shallow, some of these people who are shy affect their health when they cannot face a health specialist or doctor and explain matters affecting them, if you have ever done this or you are, then you might want to consider some change because then you wont face anyone & your environ will miss you because you can’t talk things to them, they don’t feel you like they should.

2. Being suspicious

This grows into an illness when you get paranoia. You suspect almost everything around you this affects your mood, your life state contributes to paranoia . I consider being suspicious a mental disorder because it triggers the way we end up making our decisions, usually decisions are a picture of our thoughts rather results, it affects us at work or at home, getting paranoia, we might think we are normal because effects of paranoia might seem as the normalities of life and end up thinking we are just not yet in our good days. below are signs you are paranoid

  • Feeling depressed.
  • Not being able to think straight.
  • The level of freaking increases.
  • You might think of committing suicide.
  • The period of your anger increases
  • Trouble understanding people around you.
  • You encounter drug problems.

Whenever you feel the above signs then you are paranoid, it’s not a permanent situation.

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Remember the inner you well this is to tell you that we don’t just do it ourselves things drive us to do things. That’s why we always have to think twice before making decisions, these decisions affect out health in one way or the other. So who do you believe? you or the inner you. Let me hear your thought in the comment section.

On the cricket, If you answer it’s alive I can decide add pressure on the palm of my hand and press it to die & tell you its alive and if you answer its dead I would simply bring my hand forward and say no it alive.

All am trying to say is that we are in control of what is withing us even though we ask for help/advise from others.

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