TubanjeFIT| Importance of consistency in training.

I have been exercising for over 18 months and for sure consistency is the key to your fitness goals. Consistency is the most important tool when your goals are concerned. Whether in the gym or out of the gym without consistency plans are ruined.

Trust me lack of consistency is lack of adaptation to your doings.

Below are the 5 Benefits of being Consistent;

1.Creating habits.

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Training habits

Consistency is the key to success as it leads in creating habits which in turn as we know habits are the actions we do take everyday. The more we make things our habits the more likely they are going to be part of us. We tend to develop discipline and self control and also track our improvement or development in the areas we  tackling. To make something our habits we do them in bits and in that it brings about small changes which in turn these small changes are more sustainable compared to long term since they add to forming new habits.

2.Following work out programming.

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Our goal should always be aimed in keeping track in the programs we set on our workout schedule. Programs keep our work easy as we handle them in an arranged manner and drifting would not be easy. Consistency in following your already set programs bring about more relieving goals as you know what to expect after some period of training. Theoretically if you have a program and you dont follow it, your body will not be able to adapt to it because their is no opportunity for progressive overload.

3.Working towards adaptations

Nothing comes easy unless we do it frequently and get to adapt. Different factors affect adaptations in our bodies biologically. So it becomes impossible to predict when these adaptations will change. Being consistent will help bypass the adaptations one has set. For instance getting to adapt for training for two hours straight ain’t an easy task but being consistent in achieving that already set goal will prove yourself right.

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Smiling training mates

4.The takeaway elements.

Biologically our bodies gradually respond to exercise. The most important thing is to learn how to figure your goals and become the element of success. Consistency in the end will help you reach your goals which without it you might not have enough structure to allow for growth

5.Improves on focus.

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We all have the power of intention, now to archive this apply consistency in training it will help you develop focus in what you are doing at the gym. It is with this focus that you develop builds exponential growth & results.

The more intently you are in focusing the be assured of longtime results and the more likely you are to build success.

Hope you had an easy time going through the article. Keep your thoughts coming we would like to read them too.

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