CORONAVIRUS| how it’s spread & possible ways to prevent it.

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How does coronavirus spread & how can you prevent yourself?


Everyone is a responsibility of everyone, Tubanje takes this opportunity and we be taking you through everything we are able to assist as far as COVID-19 is concerned.

In this post we have included how the virus is spread and the possible ways to fight the spread of this deadly virus. Every data in this article is from a well done research from various organisations in dealing in health concerns & from our doctors at helm.

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Citizen of China in facemask.

How the virus can be spread.

There is no vaccine said to cure this virus yet, so the best way and most safe way I could say is to avoid exposing ourselves to the virus itself.

(a) Person to person.

This is taken as the main way of transmission of the coronavirus.

The virus can be spread from person to person in close proximity due to respiratory illnesses like flu for example.

For people in close distances like 6ft are at the risk of spread the virus to each other, when a person who is covid-19 positive  coughs or sneezes and do not cover their mouths, there are droplets that are then exposed to air  from the mouth/nose of an infected individual.

Coronavirus Transmission: How Does the 2019 Coronavirus Spread?

These droplets according to research are said to be in air for atleast 10 minutes, so when you are seated or standing next to them you are ofcourse breathing, when you inhale these contaminated air you are likely to be infected too.

Prevention against person-person transmission:

Social distancing: What is it and how can it slow the spread of ...
keeping social distances.

You are advised to keep a distance of atleast 2 meters, this will help one from inhaling the contaminated air which one could have sneezed/ coughing without covering their mouths.

Wearing of the right face masks is very key, in fact in very crowded places like busy towns, bus stations, markets and other places.

10m face masks to be brought in from China โ€” Works Minister | The ...

This masks avoid you from inhaling air that is contaminated with the virus.

Also when one is infected individual and puts on the face mask, the risk of the spreading the virus through sneezing/ coughing is minimal compared to where the face mask of off.

(b) Contaminated surfaces to person.

The fluid droplets from the nose or mouth of an infected individual when exposed to air some land on open surfaces. 

When one comes into contact with a contaminated surface then touches thew mouth or maybe nose and eyes then this individual are at the risk of being coronavirus positive.

prevention from contaminated surfaces to a person. 


Coronavirus may be spread by touching contaminated surfaces ...

When you are in public and you are the touchy one please put on a recommended type of glove from the WHO. With this glove the risk of getting coronavirus is reduced. 

I would recommend on a highly alcoholic hand sanitizer, in the next post TubanjeHEALTH will be sharing the difference between a hand wash and hand sanitizer, when & how to use them.

Remember thee powerful tool is prayer, DO NOT FORGET OUR SUPERNATURAL BEING, THE ALMIGHTY.

Mbekas Mkongo well protected against COVID-19

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A Message from InspyceMilando:

Covid19 has grown to be a global threat! To contain this virus we need to work together. Let’s work with our governments and respective organizations DO THE FIVE recommended by WHO

1HANDS; Wash them often

2ELBOW; Cough into it

3FACE; Don’t touch it

4SPACE; Keep safe distance

5HOME; Stay if you can Help stop coronavirus!





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