TUBANJE’S NEW FACE- Your Online bizzHUB.

Without spicing up food it will just be raw as like before you hadn’t prepared it. In this way Tubanje decided to give you something new. As you were aware about our services; laundry, haircuts, day spa and music studio, now we gave it a step a ahead and increase the momentum by adding some various services that will surely startle you since they come with a variety of advantages.


You surely wanna hear how things have turned out to be superb in Tubanje. Prior to our recent services we are now dealers in white meat. We deal with various kinds of sea foods including; Octopus, Prawns, Calamaris and some varieties of fish. Be sure to visit our butchery page and get updated each time. As we are aware on how some butcheries tend to charge exorbitant prizes on chicken and eggs, wallah!!! Tubanje now brought the magic to your premises. Being dealers in chicken breasts, drum sticks, thighs, wings, full chicken prepared and if you need it not prepared and desire it its initial way we cater that for you.dealershttps://2banje.wordpress.com/butchery/

Missing this won’t be the best alternative. Tubanje went a step ahead and now with our online store one can shop items presented at our Tubanje BizzHub. Not everyone who have their stuffs and ain’t using them opt to give them out since some see the expenses they had incurred before still around gazing at them. With our online store one can keep their already used items for sale and we connect them with buyers. Now that’s what we call Tubanje deals safi.

No need to worry on how goods will be reaching you, We deliver on you doorstep. Just like magic ABRACADABRA!! And in a blink we are there to serve you.

person riding on black motorcycle

Through our Nduthi 24/7 services which you can visit it on our Nduthi 24/7 page be sure your items will reach you on time. In Tubanje failure is a thing that will never be in our diaries.

Being a business platform, visit our site frequently and get updated on our services anytime and also visit our terms and conditions page before carrying any business with Tubanje.

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