Dwelling on one kind of music can sometime seem boring. We were meant to explore and discover new things or create our own form of unique thing to distinguish us to be the best among others.82579419_2008865299257597_4228735365537595392_n SwanyoBoy as he is known among many decided to break the limits and come up with something great. But hold on first lemme shade some light on how he came up with such an outstanding idea.

Peter Karissa Mbogo, his real name, I can say  has come from a blessed family filled with talents in the music industry. His grandpa, the Great Fundi Khonde, long gone, was a talented jazz entertainer as well as his wife too.fundi khonde Since at a young age SwanyoBoy has been a songwriter but he did not venture to the music industry fully. Every individual has a catalyst that makes them to do something which at some point their were never prepared for them. Love pushed our star to do music officially and it is the one thing that keeps tingling him hard to never rest. Not every love stories have the happiest memories and good endings some smack us down completely to an extend of never wishing to love again. 

Women always find ways to get information from their spouses or look for a proper way to find a solution from a problem they think is persisting. So then this beautiful sassy gorgeous benevolent young Ethiopian lady who had reigned his heart took a step a further and decided to know what went wrong with Swanyo since he was writing songs for various big artists and he wasn’t writing his own. She did this after she went back to Ethiopia.67836400_1836167633194032_84248991851610112_o Coming to know that his lady had been snatched by another guy in Ethiopia, Swanyo decided to do music officially in 2019 coming up with his new style Raga za Kiafrica. In the same year he released his first audio Chuna which was followed by Bounty Killer still the same year and in 2020 he has clashed the social media with his hit song Mautundu

Family sometimes can be a barrier to ones dream but it can also support and motivate you. As I had stated earlier that he came from a music talented family still his idea for music wasn’t supported  since he had passion for music while in class four.87541556_2068508136626646_3966398707263340544_n This idea always made his parents retort for they took him to be so young to take such a path. Luckily he had never been timorous and didn’t loose focus. His sister Clarice Dama Mbogo has been their for him and always offering financial support if need be. Arranging shows and major gigs has been a challenge to him but he has hopes his songs will touch people hearts and they will indeed always ask for his presence.

The most outstanding thing about Swanyo is that he can blend perfectly in both his new style Raga za Kibantu and jazz music. He is indeed a professional in jazz since he has been feBANDatured on various invitations in big hotels to entertain tourists. If you have never been a fan of jazz definitely you will be wooed away when you get him performing together with his team. Though he hasn’t released any video yet for now, he is working on releasing his first album which will surely blow your minds. Social media is always a huge platform that one can play around with it whichever way they want. SwanyoBoy uses social media in sharing his works and marketing graphics and posters he creates though music is his main business.NGOSO

Being the founder of this new style of music SwanyoBoy aims at eradicating the stereotype that Malindi and coast at large have no content to bring on the table. In this way he intends to reach various destinations in the world since he has always loved knowing new places and learning other lifestyles. 68428070_1837265729750889_1870475080794898432_o

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