Give it your all if you have a chance to seize it. The great Eminem said ” you better lose yourself in the music the moment you own it you better never let go you only get one chance do not miss a chance to blow….” It’s quite a weighing array of words, very meaningful words. This is what John Omar is trying to prove that despite all odds you have to reach your goal. Wondering who John Omar is? No one could hardly relate if Dee Ommy is the same John Omar, pretty ridiculous. Dee just came from ghetto meaning dollar a slang that meant life is all about money and Ommy a short form of Omar.

The Malindi born star from Majengo has had an awesome journey in music. PEFA church choir we can actually say muolded him to becoming the star he is right now. Singing in the church back line choir gave him a motive to pursue music at a young age.89257064_518884225707919_7994158985219407872_n Our very own star setted out to do gospel songs. To him gospel was about a divine calling so that one could actually feel it and become a source of inspiration but according to him it wasn’t the path he was supposed to follow. As a result of this he ventured to do secular music back in 2013 while in high school. Right after high school in 2016 he took it to the next level and did his first song Party time featuring Young Njita releasing just the audio alone

So then after high school our Mr. Commercial tried to make himself busy by working at Comz play station. In 2017 he came up with his second audio song, Crazy love but failed to release it officially. Financially not being stable he delayed releasing it’s clip as well as it’s audio since capital was a major challenge since we all know good music needs some pretty cool amount of cash. Later in 2018 he gave it all his potential and succeeded in releasing an audio for his other song, I feel it like under producer Burning Ice in Trace Records.85140367_210504573489281_8033760928740671488_n I feel it like gained him some bit of popularity hence taking him off the ground and making him the talk of the town among many. 2019 was a year of turning tables around. Together with his closest friend Comz who took him to studio and also aided him, he released his first clip of Crazy love. 

Conversely after realizing he was being heard by many he decided to ask to be featured in a show in Mombasa to at least explore his audience. Hitting the stage somewhere your have never been heard it’s kind of humiliating cause you can get a hell lot of boos and buzzes from the audience. Dee Ommy wasn’t an exception to this as people never paid attention even before he started performing but after hearing his first verse the crowd got wild as they craved to hear more.89305008_201846877721876_1771850515575996416_n Eventually in 2019 on April he managed to get some support from Krystal Music whom until now have been an uplift to him.  Rodgers who is an acting manager from Krystal Music has helped in hooking him up with various shows.

Breaking points in the music industry are nigh compulsory to almost all upcoming artists since they pull you down and you might feel like dropping. 89290180_508470266481022_9163293390073233408_n (1)Dee Ommy did not get a shortcut to this. Not everyone is gonna appreciate you when you starting something big. Their was a time a show was held in Malindi his very own home town and Khadija Kopa the Tanzanian artist was performing and he asked for some few seconds to at least show his prowess in music and the audience demanded he be thrown out. It was the worst experience he had ever encountered facing such a load of embarrassment. Getting shows had always been a major challenge. It ain’t that easy to organise such schedules and meet ups with people if you ain’t properly connected. 

We all got something that pushes us to stretch out to our even limits. Dee Ommy’s fans give him a strong mindset that despite all odds he comes across he is still the star that should always outshine other stars. Comz his closest friend is always a source of inspiration since he has always availed himself in case he is need of something a friend can offer. He never expected his song Crazy love to be the talk of the town and he thought he could get a minimum of 3k views but to his utter surprise it scooped more than that almost twice he had thought. Dee hopes and he aims at keeping Malindi sky high and erase other controversies that Malindi doesn’t have good artists. Image result for will m tuva tribeWilly M Tuva Africa’s best radio presenter, his works are to be emulated by many. He has helped many upcoming artists get to the helm of their careers through MSETO the best show in East Africa like Swanky who has passed through his gifted hands. Dee saiddeeswa

If you desire to conqure the world aim at keeping the entire universe at the palm of your hands. Dee Ommy stated out that the struggles he passes through always give him a sense of happiness and power to never give up even though he is an ordinary hustler. For now he is working on releasing a video on I feel like and more heated tracks are coming through. Also he has managed to do a remix of his hit song What U Gonna Do featuring Bachelor from United States of America. . Eventually as we all know East West South North home is best, our star wishes to support his family and the community at large .

Follow Dee Ommy on his social media handles:

Facebook – Dee Ommy

Instagram – @ _deeommy_

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