Walking your weight down.

Did you know a regular walk during the day can aid to weight loss? I can say that walking is the basic choice when searching for the core to your weight loss routine. Walking is the easiest way to lose weight, it give coupled results; increases leg strength, improves your cardiovascular fitness not forgetting that it also burns calories this leads to weight loss. To get long term results of weight loss from walking you need to have a walking routine or a follow up schedule. Walking is not only fantastic as a low impact exercise but very reliable to individuals of any fitness level, Below is a guided way to do this for better long term results, we have given the general guidelines from a beginner to an intermediate, to a advanced walker.

Beginner’s routine.

If you have thought of starting walking for health and fitness that is a good idea kudos. As a beginner i would advise you start by knowing the correct walking posture as you come up with you walking schedule. I would recommend that you start taking a 30 minute walk everyday that’s 150 minutes of walk in a week.intermediate Brisk walking for 5 hours a week could be the best if you goal is to cut pounds fast, it has greater results. This reduces risks of diseases like strock, heart disease, diabetes and other health condition. It is safe to first consult your doctor before starting a walking plan if you have health conditions. As a beginner I recommend you start walking for 20 minutes everyday for a week, so by calculations you will be walking for 70-100 minutes every week, remember you are building a routine so consistency is very important. From here you can add 5 minutes every day on your daily walking time. Do this  for 1 month before moving to the intermediate level.


Intermediate routine.

Getting started you will need to follow the FIT( Frequency, Intensity and Time ) principles.

Frequency can be measured as the number of days you can walk in week.

Intensity should be applicable because you have to know that you are not walking for leisure rather you have a health and fitness goal. You should walk at brisk ( not a normal pace )

Time, this is a very important tool, it is known everywhere and respected as it helps us follow up some activities. Time is also put into consideration when you are walking for the benefit of losing weight. Start by following your time and increase it gradually overtime. 

For an intermediate you are expected to walk for 30 to 60 minutes a day,Friends walking in the park together that is if you are done with the beginners walking program then start with this one. If you already have a medium sized body or you have been walking before, it’s time to step up. We have a 12 week walking schedule contact us.

Advanced routine.

Obvious as an advanced walking athlete you are aware of the correct posture and about the FIT principle, now it’s time to add on some spices for better results.Image result for hiking You might start adding a backpack that is atleast 10-15 lbs on your back and kick off the walk.

Moving up and down the hill and the staircase can be a thought of plan for you as an advanced trainee,Image result for beach sand for walking exercise you might consider going for a beach walk. The sand is very beneficial, the sand is responsible for leg strength. walking with weights on you hand is also a good idea if you want to get stronger. As an advanced walking athletes you can join some walking events or organise some with nearby athletes.

3 Ways to make walking a daily exercise routine.

  1. Optimize your mind – This is to improve your mental approach towards something. i always do it trust me it is easy and it works. You should start by planning your day, have your days programs well noted down this is for effective follow up of the plan.Image result for prayer images As a human being you should always consider success, so you should should visualize success during or by the end of the. Praying is similarly very important all these should be wrapped in a prayer and sent to the most high.
  2. Optimize your body – Body optimization can be achieved in various ways, eating productive foods being one of them. The body functions well when we take productive foods, these foods are responsible positive effect of the body and mind. such food can be;fish, nuts, seeds, avocado to mention a few.Image result for sleeping imagesSleep is important to your general health, it is important to sleep atleast more than 7 hours. Not sleeping enough can cause loss of information, it can affect your mood it can also make you look older than you are. Water also aids in body optimization, take 9-13 cups of water a day can make you feel less tired when you wake up reduce frequent headaches and lowers your stamina.
  3. Optimizing your spirit – Simply done through meditationImage result for meditation, meditation is important to any one it helps boost your immune system. The good thing is that meditation can be done by oneself, just look for the right environment. Another way of optimizing your spirit is through inspiration. You can look for a close friend and plan a walking schedule together. Make sure he or she will be available this will help you reach your goals faster.

Now that you know walking can ease the way for weight loss why don’t you give it a try? walking is cheap and requires little to no experience, it is high time you start walking. Remember to share your results with us, thank you.

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