Tubanje is gonna boom! your life.

The BrainBank team tickled out an idea and for that big discover, Tubanje was brought to existence. Tubanje will be privileged to ease the burden of services on your niche. Keep on reading because am elaborating this awesome discovery.

You could be in sixes and sevens, who the BrainBank team are? what is Tubanje? what we do? and many other questions. Well, am going to answer that in a jiff.

Allow me to tell you a little about the BrainBank team, this squad comprises of mixed gender experts.  They do all operations and are the roots of Tubanje, hold on as I lead you to the interesting part of Tubanje.

Who we are:


It’s a company that deals with different kinds of mixed businesses. Prior to all barriers, we proved   we could make it by coming to light and as the head of the team I can say “their are no barriers to determination

For that reason, we came up with a company that deals with services provided at the best class. We tend to engage the whole community through creating media interactions. For instance, the TubanjeAIDS programme on our Youtube channel, TubanjeTV that guides on how to live with acceptance of the HIV virus.

Our services:


Here’s what I mean when I say we gonna boom! your life, we offer an array of services. 

  • Laundry.
  • Haircuts.
  • Day spa.
  • Music studio.

Being driven by the saying the customer is always right, Tubanje brings the underlying truth of these famous saying in it’s services. We put into consideration the importance of good customer service and their essentials. The most interesting part is that all these services are just around your door buddy!


We went a step ahead and gave a start to our blog. TubanjeBlog will be dealing with two main niches, lifestyle and fitness.


Are you the type of guy who feels like should really lose some pounds or wanna have a massive Arnold Schwarzenegger body type? a lean body? Tubanje is gonna take you there. We have a picture of how it feels like, and with our professional gym experts Tubanje will help you bypass your fitness goals and make you an epitome of people’s desires. With our online home workout plans with videos-in our youtube channel TubanjeTV, you are assured of your home workouts without equipments, rather your body weight and feed you with posts of healthy recipes both for gaining mass and weight loss.

Being a common feature today , lifestyle is a means of forging a sense of self and creating cultural symbols that resonate with someone’s identity. Here we will include views on political aspects, religion, health, intimacy, travel, dancing, singing to mention a few. Zooming all theses topics at an angle, we can say they shape ones life. #tubanjetunakushape

I don’t wanna feel guilty for not thanking you for your eyes through this post. Please subscribe for more engaging posts but tell us through the comment section, let us hear you out or via our social media pages. It’s now made easier, your can send us a message. Tubanje would like to respond to you!

I know you can’t wait to read about them too, can you? The StreetERA B-boys!!! are next on 2BANJE.

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